Michael Hammer of Princeton Brush visits the Art Store

Michael Hammer (Vice-president of sales at Princeton Brush) asked us at a recent art material convention what he could do to thank our customers for supporting them all these years. After 25 years they wanted to celebrate their success and the success of their working artists.

We said, “We know the difference but you should come by our store and show our locals what the difference is in their brushes compared to other brands”. They answered with “YES! , We can do that”

We also said, “Show our locals what you are looking for in a brush to paint with different mediums”. They answered with “YES! , We can do that”

We also said, “Let them see how your new Next Gen brushes really are so close to natural  bristled brushes.” They answered with “YES! , We can do that”

We also said, “Give them a deal on their brushes they can’t believe” They answered with “YES! , We can do that”

We also said, “Give them some FREE brushes!”. They answered with “YES! , We can do that”

What?! Free Brushes and a chance to try their most popular brushes as well as receive an amazing discount on Princeton Brushes! Mr. Hammer then said, “lets have even more fun with this. Brushes are fun but what if this demo could be paired with Ampersand boards.” We answered with “YES! , We would love that”.

With so many years in the industry, Princeton is shipping us some Ampersand samples to play on for this event. Michael will also show us some new techniques for the multiple surfaces from Ampersand as well. At the event we will be experimenting with watercolor  and acrylic paint on many of the multiple surfaces from Ampersand.

To celebrate Princeton Brush’s 25th anniversary, The Art Store has put all our open stock of their brushes at 25% off their MSRP until the end of our current sale. That is 60 days of possible savings! Mr. Hammer then said,“that is not the best way to celebrate”. We can do better than that for the attendees. Be an attendee and you will learn how to celebrate the Princeton way!

You only need to pre-register for this demo. Its two hours of fun on Wednesday the 12th of April. Event is planned for 3 to 5 pm. Mike is a charismatic personality and loves for artists to experiment with their brushes.

What is expected with this demo as an attendee:

  • Experiment with the many different brushes from the Princeton lines.
  • Learn about what makes a good brush better
  • Try different mediums on Ampersand board surfaces
  • An amazing discount on these great brushes
  • A lot of laughs and creative spirit while meeting Michael Hammer
  • Informative sales techniques not hard sales tactics
  • Q&A time as permitted

For our long time customers, Michael Hammer just shared with us that the president of Princeton Brush was the President of Grumbacher when you loved their brushes. Now you know why you are attracted to Princeton brushes and where those amazing Grumbacher brushes may have disappeared. In my opinion they made the brushes better – Keith K.

Please remember your registration fee of $10.00 becomes store credit that you can use within the store that day or on a future purchase.

At the event, each attendee will also receive a printed coupon for a future purchase of Princeton brushes at a bigger discount.

To register just click the button below:

The max occupancy of the studio is 24. Please register at least 48 hours before this event. If you wish to attend, register early to make sure you have a seat.

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