Art Insider Spotlight – May Art Classes

May is coming up soon! Spring brings out our inner artists. Time to go to school, folks! Let’s take some art classes and give that creative budding blossom some direction! Spring color and creativity await… take May Art Classes – The Art Store

For May we have a fabulous lineup of classes. Pastels, collage, watercolor and drawing. Check them out and sign up!

May’s Pastel Afternoon Class

Four Tuesday sessions starting May 2 @ 2:00 PM5:00 PM

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Art Insider Spotlight - May Classes

Beginners to Advanced.

You can make amazing leaps and bounds in your pastel work in this class!

Don Rantz will guide you through learning and enhancing your skills in the enchanting medium of pastels. Internationally recognized as one of the best pastel artists, Don is open and eloquent in his instruction.

Join us at the first four Tuesdays’ classes from 2pm–5 PM.

The instructor is requiring all new students to attend the afternoon class to view his first day demo. All returning students can choose their time slot after the afternoon has met its minimums.

Cost is $125.00 per student for 4 sessions during each month or $36 per individual session if class is already underway.

To register, please contact us by phone at 928-443-0749, come in to the store, email or register online by clicking the button below.

Ages 16+.

May’s Exploring Mixed Media Collage Class – Experience! – Series 1

Four Friday sessions starting May 5 @ 10:00 AM1:00 PM

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Basic to Intermediate Class

This is a play-filled class series focused on the goal of experimenting with a wide range of art products, techniques and tools while tuning into your artist’s voice, and perhaps even re-imagine your inspirations. The “Exploring Mixed Media & Collage” series is a safe guided journey of intuitive, start anywhere and follow it everywhere art-making processes. The format is a fast-paced experiential progression of discovery and sharing that will be enjoyed by artists and non-artists of any level of experience.

In each month’s class series you’ll use several and various Media, Mediums, Tools and Substrates. You’ll learn about and document their personalities; viscosity, transparency, luminosity, weight, absorbency, potential, limitations, etc. You’ll experience how they can work together for you. You’ll also learn about art making elements – composition, color, values, patterns, mark making, shapes, and layering.

The concepts and techniques can be applied to any goal or art-making style.  In each class series you’ll plan, start, and perhaps finish, thee exciting artworks.

Class Series #1 – Experience! – Prepare to create with many different materials
Media: gouache, ink, water soluble materials, high-flow acrylic, colored pencil, oil pastel & dry pastel

Binders: Acrylic and its many gel mediums

Substrates: Mixed Media sheets and sketchbook

Shapes: incorporating shapes into your artwork

Tools: fluid mark makers, scrapers, resists, transfers

Color & value: dominant vs supportive elements

Collage: patterns, images, ephemera, decorative papers

Composition: four classic compositions

To register, call us at (928)443-0749, email, or come into the store!


May’s Basics of Watercolor

Four Saturday sessions starting May 6 @ 1:00 PM4:00 PM

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This class will focus on the physical nature of watercolor. We will explore the different aspects of art materials, equipment and techniques.

Just some materials & equipment  to be discussed and experimented with:

  • Student Grade & Professional Grade Paper
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • Student & Professional Grade PaintsWater Color Event
  • Archival or not? Why? & more!

Just some techniques to be experimented with:

  • Keeping the white of the paper
  • Color Mixing
  • Layering
  • Lifting
    & more!

Sign up today calling us or stopping by the Art Store. Seating is limited to the first 6 students. The minimum for the class is 4 students.

Join us on the first four classes from 1pm – 4pm. Cost is $125.00 per student for all 4 sessions during the month or $36 per individual session if class is already underway.

Ages 16+.

**Minimum: 4 students and Maximum: 6 students

Request our staff to add you to our courtesy contact list.

Please remember to register at least three days prior to the start of class!

Sean Welch, instructor. Staff

Materials extra. Supply list can be found here.

To register, call us at (928)443-0749, email, or come into the store!


May’s Basic Drawing Class

Four Saturday sessions starting May 6 @ 10:00 AM12:00 PM

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Beginners to Intermediate2015-02-27 13.44.05_resized

If you are just getting started or are in need of a review of what you may have already learned, this class is for you.  Success in other art techniques are often dependent on how well you have learned to draw. Exploring the assorted techniques of charcoal and graphite are used in this class.

Cost: $100.00 for the first four Saturdays or $36 per individual session if class is already underway.

12 years and older.

**Mininum of 4 & a maximum of 10

To register, call us at (928)443-0749, email, or come into the store!

The required supply list can be found here.

To view the rest of our May classes and demos, our scheduler can be viewed by clicking the button below:

art classes at the art store in prescott

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