Kid’s Art Camp Release Form

Please list all registered children and their ages that will be attending this event. Email or call us us if you are registering us for more than 3 children.

Name of Parent/Guardian:

Name & Emergency Contact Info of Parent/Guardian during these event dates and times:

Does your child have any allergies to art materials or foods?

Our young artist is expected to conduct himself or herself in a manner that maintains a safe, creative atmosphere while showing respect for others and their and other's work. Any actions or attitudes inconsistent with these guidelines will result in that artist's parent or guardian being called to discuss the situation and the possibility of the child being asked to be picked up by this parent or guardian. Do you understand this?

All students are requested to bring their own lunch and snacks. Water will be provided.

This event will be held in the Art Store's studio at 537 6th St., suite E & F.

The Art Store's Kid's Art Camp hours are from 10am to 3pm. Failure to pick up your child by 3:15pm will result in a charge of $1.00 per minute(emergencies excluded).


By checking the box below as well issuing payment for this event, the parent/guardian of the attending child is agreeing to hold the Art Store by the Frame & I, their staff and their instructors and volunteers, harmless against any injury that may occur on and/or off the premises.