July’s Art Store Kid’s Camp

It has been years since we have held a kids event at the Art Store and due to the positive response and it being time-sensitive, we are focusing this post only on this event. Below is our flyer to encourage you and your friends to really know what is going on.


If you know of a child that may want to attend, you could sponsor one through the event. Just let us know……by sending a payment to the event and list the child’s name as who you want to sponsor.


If you just want to feel good this July, list this child as “Little Leonardo da Prescott” or “Little Mary Cassat”. We will do the rest at finding a young artist that reeeeaaaallllly wants to attend.

Contact us by email (below), phone or stop by the store.

We have also been requested to offer this to adults in the near future. If you have interest in the same techniques please let us know by sending us an email below and we will start planning a workshop that follows this format.



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