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Artistic Insider is news, views, and specials from Prescott’s own local and independent art supply store,
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Hi Artists and Creative Types!
We hope you’re having a fantastic Summer. Monsoon rains have brought some green to our world, inspiring artists to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t forget your sketchbooks! – Ida
Speaking of, coming soon to the Art Store are some really cool sketchbook accessories. We are offering these great products from Accurasee like the one below. More coming soon!
sketchcaddie sm

The perfect sketchbook “carryall.” Business cards, pencils, sharpeners …you name it. The Sketchcaddie – It’s always there whenever you need it. Fits snugly to sketchbooks ranging from 8″ to10.5″ in height.

To see their other great products, just click on the image above. This professional artist has come up with some great time-saving and organizing ideas. Tools for the workign artist and many more. The proportional divider is the best and least expensive one out there. the clip is just amazing!
This month’s newsletter brings you tips about paintbrushes, some fun street art by Atari, a 30% off coupon (!!!) and much more!
Check it out… Read on!
Love, Ida


Upcoming Art Classes and Workshops
at the Art Store

 Painting Workshop – Achievable Ways to Successful Painting

Mountain Stream by Robert Knudson

Mountain Stream by Robert Knudson

Mr. Knudson believes light defines drama and contrast.  It can parallel life, able to highlight many thoughts about principles of change, survival & eternality.  Light also can set the mood, the dynamic to any moment on the landscape, and can suggest a grand theme.  For Robert, “It’s this that makes me grab my brushes, makes me paint.”

Register by the 26th of July to be part of this summer workshop by clicking on the image above.

Acrylic Painting Workshop – Medium is the Message

Don Voss Medium IIHave you ever wondered how to bring natural elements and mixed media together with acrylic painting and color?

This workshop will focus on the many Golden mediums available to artists. Working with these media, the workshop will bring fibers, paper, sand, powders and various inks, paint, drawing and mark making tools into the acrylic painting media. Exploring inks, paint and media together, this workshop is an exploration of media and technique. Participants are encouraged to explore media as message. Artists will bring their own images and ideas to the workshop and infuse these with the wild world of Golden media available to them.

Register by the 23rd of July to be part of this summer workshop by clicking on the image above.

August’s Pastel Class Update:

Pastel iconAugust’s Pastel Class has also been split due to its popularity. Morning classes are now available. The afternoon class is full and some students may trade with you if needed.

Future Workshops & Classes Coming Up:

iColor – Meditative & the Therapeutic Arts

zen-masA class that will focus on the use of the creative therapeutic arts to offer a positive pattern of influence in your life. Introducing you to the art materials & equipment best to be used for each situation.

Sundays, September 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th, 1:00PM to 3PM

Cost: $100.00, all art materials included.

Instructor: Art Store Staff

Color Me Enlightened!

oil paint paletteA multi-part workshop that will focus on color and its many properties. Successful uses of color arrangements, compositions, interactions & perception of.  Discussion, lessons and examples will be discussed and explored. The classic and modern palettes for painting will discussed on each of its merits.

Attendance is not required for all parts of these workshops.

Wednesday, September 30th, 1st session. 10AM to noon, 1PM to 4PM

Cost: $65.00, all art materials are included in this workshop.

Instructor: Art Store Staff

Elemental Watercolors – Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

elementsA watercolor class that will experiment with the different aspects of the physical nature of water-based paints and their substrates. For beginners and intermediates.

Saturday mornings in September. 10AM to 1PM

Cost: $100.00

Required supply list can be found here.

Stay Informed!

To view more of the class (pastels, drawing, watercolor & sculpture), workshop (zentangle & color mixing) and promotions schedule, feel free to visit our website calendar. Easiest way to access this is by clicking here but you can also follow the “Get Instant Access” button on our front webpage. it looks and acts like the image below.

instantRegister Now……these workshops and classes have been requested for months.


 We Carry Unique and Gorgeous

Handmade Papers from Around the World!


 Look what you can make with handmade paper!

Example #1

Thai Tsunami Paper

Dime store fishbowl and acrylic gel medium

Ocean blues ornamental vessel

Example #2

Green glass vase from thrift store

Thai Lace paper – Swirls, and acrylic gel medium
Beautiful one of a kind flower vase!

Where do you see art in your world?

PA-1039 - La panthère rose - Quartier  Léon Blum - Folie-Régnault 11è

PA-1039 – La panthère rose – Quartier Léon Blum – Folie-Régnault 11è

PINK! – Recently the Frame & I’s Ida and Francine got to see this Atari (graffiti artist’s name) original mosaic in France inspired by pop culture and the computer age (8-bit tech).

Practical Tips for Artists
by Ida K.
This month’s topic:
“My #6 brush is bigger than YOUR #6 brush!”

So, you’ve finally decided to take an art class or get that special brand name paintbrush that Mr. Famous Painter recommends…. good for you!

There are a lot of fantastic fine art paintbrushes in the world, and a great brush is a wonderful specialized tool.  Upon entering an art supply store, the selection of brushes can frankly be overwhelming, and when you start really looking at them you will notice one MAJOR difference between brushes (besides bristles and handle lengths)… there is no consistent sizing!

At least that’s how it looks at first…
You will notice that every one of these brushes looks really different, from the bristles to the size.  See how huge the one on the right is?  See how tiny the one right next to it is?
I made the sample above to show the huge variety of #6 round brushes.

How, you ask, can ALL of these be a #6 round?!?

Simple… Brush sizing is about the size and style of the mark the brush makes, not the number of hairs, size of ferrule or length of handle.
See how the reallly fat brush on the right makes approximately the same size and shape mark as the smaller brush in the center?  I know, they’re not all EXACTLY the same.  Blame it on my heavy handedness.  You have to admit though, for how different all the brushes look, the marks are pretty consistent in size and shape.
Hope this was helpful… next time we’ll talk about different types of brushes and their uses.
-Ida K

So remember when your instructor requests a specific sized brush for a specific line or stroke, he/she is requesting one that works for their hand weight. Any #6 round can make approximately the same line or stroke, depending on your practiced hand and process it may vary. – Keith K.

Where do you see art in your world?

Do you artists always see images within forms? This one is pretty obvious but really cool to look at nonetheless.

elephant rock3Probably not its best side

elephant rockWait for the tide and go for a ride….

elephant rock2Something you will never forget.

Elephant Rock in Heimaey in Iceland

Art Materials New to the Sales Floor

Gelli Printmaking Plates

gelli8x10could make


Molotow’s Grafx Resist Markers

grafx-masking-pen-4mm-marker-1050-medium-1could do this

2015-04-16 09.52.45Its just not for watercolor anymore.

Black Tile Zentangle Set

black-tilecould make


Set includes: 5 Black Zentangle tiles, 2 white Gelly roll pens, Micron 08, white charcoal pencil and tortillion.

The roles are reversed in the world of Black Zentangle tiles. Instead of drawing with black ink on white paper, beautiful 100% cotton archival black paper becomes a new canvas to be covered with white. Using Sakura’s white Gelly Roll pens you can explore how white gel ink sinks and sits on the paper’s surface. Every tangle becomes new again as different techniques and tangleations are yours to discover. Add depth with included white charcoal pencil and tortillion. A whole new approach to Zentangle is found within the world of Black Zentangle tiles.

Oblique Pen Holder

 ObliqueCalligraphyPento make your work look like

nibangleYour hand it out of the way for awesome views of your work. Great for sketching too!……Sean W.

Kohinoor’s Triocolor Sets

triocolorTriocolor Grands are big, fat, fun pencils with rich color and ergonomic, triangle-shaped grips. They are available in sets of 12 and 24 and come packed in deluxe lithographed metal tins with hinged lid covers.

The in-stock set of 12 pencils contains the following colors: Yellow, Orange, Vermillion, Carmine, Violet, Lite Blue, Dark Blue, Grass Green, Dark Green, Indian Red, Brown and Black.

K & S Brass & Aluminum

ksvarying sizes of brass and copper tubing from K&S

The Art Store’s Premium Pre-stretched Canvas

art-store-logo-manFor our climate, high density stretcher bars are recommended for all stretching purposes. The Art Store just started stretching their own canvas on these bars to discourage warpage and slack canvas.

Ask us for more details or stop by the store to see this canvas.

Pepin’s Coloring Books

The most popular worldwide book sales right now  are coloring books! PEPIN Artists’ Coloring Books contain 16 sheets of superior acid-free 180 gsm drawing paper, printed with exceptional designs in very light lines. The original outline will be hardly visible after coloring.Suitable for a wide range of coloring applications, including colored pencil, crayon, pastel, felt marker, gouache, water colors and liquid inks.
_images_Product Images_Large Images_WF_PIC4There are also new coloring books from Walter Foster with more serious themes. Stop by to check them out.

Gamblin’s Safflower Oil & Solvent Free Fluid

_images_Product Images_Large Images_GB_SOLVENTFREEFor the more sensitive artists we know……click the image to inform yourself of the new solvent-free options and brighter white options.

Global Art’s Premier Sandpaper

Website_Product_Page_Image_Templateclick the image above to view the details of these products

Global Art’s Fluid & Fluid 100 watercolor paper

global_logo_tempFluid_100_image100% cotton watercolor paper that is a great price for a great paper!

Now in 22×30 sheets and 6pks for the best deal. Stay tuned, manager special coming up soon is 50% off the 6pks.

Faber Castell’s Premium Kid’s Art Products


Express Yourself!

sharpie_shoesYour imagination is your only restriction when textile decorating


Make Your Own Sale


Money in the Mail Coupon Book has our coupons in it. This month we are on page 25. Click the image above to print or reprint this coupon.


or take advantage of our BTS promotion running until the 29th of August. Click on the flyer above to see all of our promotions.

Nothing to Distract

This superb line of professional brushes are available at our store right now at 25% off during the BTS promotion! They are fantastic for all painting techniques. We love these and hope you will too! – Ida K.

grey matter

We may have got these awesome brushes for all medias months ago at the convention but Jack Richeson officially releases their Grey Matters brush series! -Keith K.

Those brushes are just durable as $#@!. I have put them through their paces – Jordan P.

grey mattter2

These professional series brushes have a beautiful matte grey finish, making them ideal for both studio and plein air applications.

Why does Grey Matter? Nothing to distract! With our Grey Matters Brushes artists won’t experience glare from harsh studio lights or from the sun when painting Plein Air.

Happy painting, everyone!

The Sketchbook Project Introduces the ‘Pen Pal Painting Exchange’


Our friends over at the Sketchbook Project recently launched their latest global art endeavor, the Pen Pal Painting Exchange. Based on criteria you provide, the project pairs you with a like-minded artist and you’re both provided with a pre-gessoed 4″ x 4″ canvas, a custom canvas bag, and loose guidelines. After finishing the artwork, the paintings are then swapped in the mail. The first theme, “flight,” proved wildly successful, and the next theme, “classic,” is up for registration through September 1st.

Colossal teamed up with the Sketchbook Project for their 2014 Tour which has upcoming stops in Oakland, San Francisco, and Portland. If you want to participate in the 2015 tour, you can signup here for a sketchbook.


Sometimes its all in the way you look at it…..


HuskMitNavn — with Dora Caifano Malagrino, Pari Mitri and Ana Maria Villarroel Altamirano.


Animals Leave Their Skeletons Behind In Stunning Dark Drawings By Paul Jackson

animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-1Paul Jackson, a British artist based in Toronto, creates stunningly detailed and dark pen-and-pencil drawings of various animals with their skeletons and sometimes organs lifting out of their bodies. By treating them with respect, the pictures of their insides look more like mystical anatomy lessons than roadkill!

Click on the image above to view more of this artist’s work.

Time to Blow our Horn!


kids-campFor our first annual Summer Kid’s Camp at the store, we donated the facility for this event since it was lightly attended. We couldn’t tell the kids that “there wasn’t enough of you attending so nobody gets to have fun”….we plan on advertising heavily next year for this event. Plan on it and we will deliver a great time.


The Verde Valley Public Library requested a gift bag for their comic book event. We believe if you challenge a child’s imagination and their ideas with art, they will gain confidence and knowledge. They also will communicate this with art. I know somebody will draw their hopes and aspirations! – Keith K.

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