July Art Store Classes and Events, Part 1

The Art Store’s First Art Camp


For the last two years the Art Store has not offered any kid art classes or events. Yes, it had been difficult to replace our previous instructors as well as figure out the varying schedules of the local school systems. We also felt it important to support the current offerings going on. YC, MAG, private studios and many others. Now……this has all changed!

This year we saw a lack of kid’s activities for the summer. We believe a child that is not challenged by its community to better themselves through the arts will suffer as the new school year approaches. When missing a part of a strong foundation for the future a child can become idle physically but also mentally. Art can teach us many skills but it can also enhance oneself as much as others. Patience, hand/eye coordination, an understanding of beauty, the basics of design, physics, math…..oh the list goes on and on of what the arts do for us as well as your children or grandchildren. Seeing this lack of kid’s activities concerned us. This lack of activities also concerned you……and we were listening to the phone calls and customers in the store. 4d49fe5e054f69ee51134977cbac65dc

The real challenge for us was to find a great asset to our team of instructors. One that already had years of experience teaching others and loves seeing children varying from 6 years to the teen years brighten up when they do well with their projects.

Knowing the art community, the Art Store pursued the team that had been doing this for years. Every year, we had also donated to the local Kid’s Artfest. Mary Schulte  & Cathy Gibbons had managed and instructed this community event and its popularity had grown every year as well. Cathy however has decided to move to California to be with her family in the near future. However, Mary was willing to help plan a July event for the community as long as we hosted it helped manage it. Mary is a local professional sculptor, art studio owner as well as part owner of a local gallery. She also teaches workshops to all ages in her spare time. “Why not take these talents to our studio”, I thought. For July we are!

sculpture-15-lgMary and her assistant will be teaching many very exciting art exercises. So exciting that you may see some of our Art Store staff watching what just may be coming next. For the sculpting, painting, dying and drawing techniques to be taught, these are just some of the art materials to be used:

Fiber Clay – A synthetic air-dry clay that needs little support and no firing to finalize it.

Charcoal – A drawing medium that is so much fun to create values to trick the mind into thinking what you see could be 3D and not 2D.

Drawing Paper – A multipurpose substrate for lots of art materials such as charcoal and oil pastels.

Polymer Clay – An oven bake clay that is very useful for decorative processes.clayvase

Metallic Powders – Mica infused with different metals to allow sculptures to glimmer like gold, copper, brass or silver.

Elmer’s Glue – A PVA glue that has a lot more purposes than just to glue paper together with (or make fake skin when the teacher wasn’t looking)

Decorative Papers – A wide range of handmade papers to be used for many art projects.

Oil Pastels – A linseed oil binded pastel that applies with a creamy texture.

Acrylic Paints – A polymer-based paint that applies to many different substrates

Liquid Watercolor Paints – a water soluble paint that is easily applied in washes for desired effects.

Watercolor Paper – A durable, sized paper for painting on with watercolor paints that is strong enough for many applications of water and pigment.

Silk dyes – A liquid dye that is applied over natural fabrics and set for durability. fiber4lg

Cotton and Silk – a natural material that is often worn in most cultures. Easily decorated with natural dyes for custom art embellishments.

Canvas panels – A substrate that is used to support a painting made of acrylics and/or oils.

No, this is not all one project. This is a whirlwind of fun that most kids……..well lets just say it, everybody would enjoy these projects.

(to view more of Mary’s artist experience click here)

These projects are limited to a starting age of 6, but many students have been in their teen years and have enjoyed the processes.

To sign up for this weekly 3-day event, feel free to do so over the internet by clicking here. This will take you to our July events and let you explore just some of our July offerings. Once there, click on the text of the class or workshop you are interested in to view more details. The exercises and materials may not change from week to week but previous students did attend more than one week since they were having so much fun.

During the registration process, don’t forget to fill in the “Kid’s Art Camp Release Form” under the Contact menu button on the top of our website.

If you would rather call us or stop by to reserve a space for any of the July events, please do so by calling us and say hello to our staff.

Speaking of the staff, we have found a brand new minion to the ArtThe_Goth_Summer_Survival_Guide_by_DecadentDementia Store. Debra Owen is her name and customer service is her game! She loves people and is very excited about working with you. Some of our long-time customers  have already had a great time working with her . Also remember there is always the rest of the team (Sean, Jordan & Keith) who can also sign you up for some fun in July. Remember that its not fun in the sun but it is fun, our studio is air-conditioned as well as has controlled lighting, made perfectly for us pasty artists (see illustration for ways to survive the sun this summer).

Drawing class eventDo you think that your child or grandchild may be too old for this Kid’s camp during July? We are also offering a drawing and sculpting open studio time in July from 1PM to 4PM. These sessions are being taught by the Art Store owner, Keith Kendall. Ages are 12+ and there are already many artists having fun for the summer!


Mountain Stream by Robert Knudson

Mountain Stream by Robert Knudson

This Friday, The Frame & I is also offering you a free demo to see how Robert Knudson views the world in all its majestic lighting. He is unveiling his most recent works but also painting with oils from 6 to 8PM. “I personally have seen this demo many, many times. I learn something new every time I attend. Truly one of the local masters of his art. One of the few painters I own an original from” – Keith K.

Pastel iconPastels Class for July has also made its minimums and has been split into two classes again for this month. An afternoon one as well as a morning one. If you wish to attend this upcoming month’s of sessions, please request to be added to the “New” student afternoon sessions. If you are returning student, the morning or afternoon sessions are available. Single sessions have been allowed for July for attendance as long as you are a returning student.

More about classes and events in July coming soon!

See you at the Art Store! – Keith

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