Holiday Giveaways!

Oops! Had a formatting error, here’s a readable post!

For the end of this holiday season The Art Store will be doing art supply giveaways! All you have to do is come in and purchase something in store and you will be put into a drawing, one entry per day (:

This weeks giveaway is…

 Art Alternatives Drawing Art Box!


This giftable set offers essential drawing tools in the form of an economical, travel-friendly kit. Ideal for budding artists and on-the-go creatives, this comprehensive set includes 18 colored pencils, eight sketching pencils in varying degrees, one kneaded eraser, one vinyl eraser, one sharpener with two hole sizes, one blending stump, two tortillons and one large sanding block. The supplies are housed in an attractive light blue case with metal fittings and a convenient handle for carrying.



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