Golden Acrylic Swag Haul!

Golden Acrylic Swag Haul!

Buy Golden acrylics and get a chance to win some great stuff!

Everybody loves Golden acrylics, and they have so many useful products for artists of all media. This iconic paint brand is the rockstar of the art world. Now’s your chance to win Golden logo swag and goodies to level up your look! We got a bunch of awesome Golden acrylics caps, t-shirts and mugs to raffle off. For each Golden acrylic paint, medium or ground you purchase, you get one entry in our drawing for your choice of an apron, cap, t-shirt or mug! One drawing a week now through March 2nd. The drawings will be held at the end of the day on Saturdays.

So why do you want to get Golden acrylic products in your studio?

WELL. let us start by saying Golden is the best acrylic brand! Made in the USA, their colors are the highest pigment load of any acrylic. Known for their versatility and variety of mediums, thicknesses (body) and texture pastes, Golden has been the innovator in acrylic paints since the 1980s. They also have the very best customer support going! We love calling Golden for help because they always have an answer to our questions.

Golden has a huge variety of gels and mediums for drawing, digital transfer, pouring, texture, layering and of course painting. They can be used thick or soupy thin and retain their color strength! Colors are painted right onto the tubes and bottles, so there’s no guessing on what color you’ll get.


Ok, now… you bought some Golden… What can you win?

Win this Color chart t-shirt, with handpainted color swatches!

Or this Golden brand logo apron with pockets!!!

You may prefer a Golden Baseball cap to keep the sun off, or save you from a bad (or no) hair day!

Ida’s personal favorite, the “Raw Java” color coffee mug. Not to be confused with your paint water mug!!!

Come see us and haul away some Golden swag!




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