Get 25% off when you shop local, independent and awesome!

Shop Local!

Reminder! Our 25% off storewide sale runs through closing time today! (Saturday, 11/24)

We hear “shop local” a lot. But why? Why should we support little specialty shops owned by our friends and neighbors, when the big stores have so much stuff? And the bargains!

Some of the things bug box stores want you to be thankful for!

Well, if getting in fistfights and risking life and limb for replaceable mass produced junk is your  idea of a great time, you can stop reading!

We think there’s a better way to be thankful! Keep our communities bright and vibrant… Unique, friendly and civilized. Shop locally!

When you spend locally you keep your dollars close to home. We can all appreciate the merits of that!

Here’s how your art supply dollars go back to the community at the Art Store:

We employ four people! And they’re awesome!

We use a local accountant, Bennett Accounting!

We hire local electricians, plumbers, and service people!

We use a local web designer, RLC Design!

We collect city and state sales tax to support streets, schools, open space, parks, and more!

We contribute to the unique identity of Prescott; there are a lot of small towns with no art supply store at all!

We’re looking forward to seeing you this holiday season! We have every kind of art supply, helpful staff, great every day prices and more!

Enter our local art contests for customers, get student and professional discounts, and pick our brains about your next art project! We’re here and ready to help you!


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