Fall 2019 Back to School Sale at The Art Store

Fall 2019 Back to School Sale at The Art Store

August 12th through September 14th

You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of our Spring Back to School sale! If you are taking art classes, we have the art supplies you need for your class, at great prices! Paints, brushes, drawing boards, and ALL of our canvas is on sale! Plus, register for your student discount and get an extra 10% off regular priced items while you’re enrolled!!!


40% off M. Graham & Co Oils!

We set out to make a paint Da Vinci would use. This is it! In the tradition of the masters, M. Graham artists’ oil color is made with pure walnut oil for its brilliance, clarity, texture, and resistance to fading and yellowing. Working in small batches, we craft oil colors true to the roots of Renaissance painting: delicately free-flowing, solvent-free, and with no fillers or additives. With the exceptionally high pigment loads in M. Graham artists’ oil colors, your work will naturally feel more alive and vibrant, imbued with rich, lustrous color for years to come.

40% off M. Graham & Co Acrylics!

M. Graham acrylic artists’ color are made with the same devotion and craftsmanship that we use in our traditional media: small batches, quality ingredients, and the highest concentrations of color possible. The flow and delicacy of a gouache, with colors you’d expect from oil. The result is fine art acrylic paint with bold vitality and a creamy delicacy of touch that offers you a world of opportunity — from fine detail to broad, full-brushed applications.

40% off M. Graham & Co Watercolors!

You’re inspired by the world around you — so are our paints. M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects. This traditional base creates willing watercolors ready for your brush and yields even, fluid washes. Honey also allows for stronger, truer colors. With a complete range of pleasing pigments — from delicate tints to dark, concentrated colors — you’ll discover more color possibilities with M. Graham watercolors!

40% off M. Graham & Co Gouache!

Discover the best gouache you’ll ever use! M. Graham gouache is made in the time-honored tradition of binding pigment with pure honey and gum arabic, just as it was for Dürer and Boucher. Providing superior coverage and a creamy application, M. Graham fine art gouache delivers lightfast color designed for your permanent artwork. With no added chalk or white, you’re in control of creating the opacity you want—whether a soft, pearlescent glow or colors that pop with lively radiance.

ALL Canvas 40% off! 

Includes every size and type of stretched canvas!!!

Medium and fine texture cotton and linen, 1″ to 1.5″ bars, gallery wrapped, pro series and more.

Art Alternatives Portfolios 35% off

Transport, store and protect your artwork in these classic portfolios at a fantastic price!!! Perfect for students, they’re made of a durable, water-resistant nylon. They feature bound seams for added durability, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with a no-slip shoulder pad, an ergonomic carrying handle and a full-length easy glide zipper. 

Drawing Boards 25% off

Get back to the drawing board!!! Take your full-size art, loose paper, sketchbooks or whatever you’re working on with you! This portable drawing board securely holds your papers and projects. Giant rubber band lets you win the rubber band wars, and convenient handle allows it to be carried easily.

Snap Paint Brushes 25% off!

Time to have a little fun! We’ve made lots of good-looking brushes at Princeton over the years, but would we describe any of them as fun? Probably not. Enter Snap!™ Brush Series — A new brush series that’s determined to get you to like it. We think you’ll like the way they look. We know you’ll love the way they perform. Snap!™ Brushes are fun, but not frivolous.

80 individual brushes in a variety of styles shapes and sizes. Both white and golden synthetic are available on short handles for watercolorists, decorative painters, and acrylic artists.

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