Dont Forget!! Inktober Artist Trading card make-and-trade event

Don’t Forget about our Inktober Artist Trading card make-and-trade event at The Art Store on 6th street!

Here are some of the entries that we have so far!


There is still plenty of room to join in on the trading card fun so come down and put your trading card on our trading card board!

Make a card to trade with other Prescott artists in our October trading card swap 🙂

What are the guidelines?

Make your own 2.5 X 3.5” trading card at home, and bring it in to display and trade at the Art Store! At the start of November, we’ll have a swap drawing to trade all the cards. You’ll draw a number that corresponds to another artists’ card. That will be the card you take home!

The sooner you bring it in, the longer it will be on display! We want lots of cards so we hope everybody gets involved… tell your friends!

If you don’t have a trading card to make at home, come in and get a blank card from us during the month of October.

We will collect and display the cards all of October.

Then, the 1st through 3rd of November, come pick one up! We’ll have you draw a number that corresponds to a card, and that card is the one you’ll take home!


We’d love it if you participate in our trading card swap!

Questions? give us a call at 928.443.0749 or email us at and we’ll help you!

*the cards pictured in this email are not a part of this event, sorry! We hope to get even better ones to display and trade!

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