Customer Appreciation Day is this Sunday

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thank youFor November, we have much to be thankful for from all of our customers!

Come on in on Sunday, the 1st of November to use as many of the 25% off coupons you have received from our customer appreciation program (printed from our POS receipt printers). We are lifting our one-per-day coupon policy for this customer appreciation day. You know you have them and its better to just use them. Why not use them on what you need in one purchase. We will not be accepting any other coupons other than the register printed bounceback coupons towards your purchases this Sunday.

50201-0000-2ww-mManager’s Special

Best’s Deluxe Lobo Easel is an easel to accommodate the watercolorist, pastel artist,  drawing, acrylic and oil painters. It tilts forward to reduce glare and prevent dusting, and backward to form a table for gessoing, watercolors, and varnishing.

Its retractable mast extends upward to handle a 60″ canvas, and folds down to a compact 52″ height. The painting tray can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal in just seconds.

A hinged, oak veneer plywood shelf beneath the frame provides storage for books or supplies. Top and bottom painting trays have rubber grips to hold a canvas securely.

It’s made of hand-rubbed, oil-finished, solid red oak.

Some assembly required.


We will be ordering from Richeson next week. This is a great opportunity for our customers. Having an easel in your studio that is not frustrating to work with is crucial. We have tried a lot of them. Most are not made for our climate (wood is too soft, designs are unstable…etc.). The BEST Deluxe Lobo Easel is in our opinion the best available for all art materials and most techniques. Richeson is offering a great deal for our customers. So good that we are lifting our coupon policy (coupons work on in-stock items only) on this product. If you want to apply a 25% off the MSRP register coupon or the Money in the Mail Coupon of 30% off the MSRP, we will accept all pre-orders on this awesome easel until November 5th. This easel retails for $385.00 normally. Your coupon could take the final price to as low as $269.50 before tax.

We will be ordering a small quantity to have on hand for the holidays.  If you pre-order now (1/2 down is required) yours will be delivered  in time for the holidays (December delivery) due to our seasonal ordering. To place your pre-order please do so by coming by the store. There is no additional shipping cost or assembly costs. All parts on this easel are replaceable in case of any future concerns. Most easel manufacturers  do not offer this option since they are built out of the US. This easel is built in Wisconsin with red oak. All tension areas are also built with metal hardware or high density plastic parts to discourage wear. The Art Store has never had a return or complaint on this easel.  Of the last full size easels sold from the store, the last 7 were these easels.  All of them were happy customers!

If you wish to view this easel before pre-buying, we have one in the Art Store studio in use from week to week. Our in-stock one (boxed) sold two weeks ago. — Keith K.

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