Wheel throwing demo with Dani Fisher this weekend! Space limited, sign up now!

Join us for our ceramic clay demo – Wheel Throwing With Dani Fisher At The Art Store! This Saturday, April 28th, 2018 at 11am!

Need something to do Saturday? Come to our free wheel throwing demo with Dani Fisher this weekend! Sign up for free, and at the event you can throw a pot with Dani for $15 if you want to 😀

Saturday, April 28 at 11 AM – 1 PM

Come visit The Art Store and find out more about our ceramic clay from New Mexico Clay, wheel throwing, pottery tools, firing services and more! We’ll have coupons, specials and good times! Bring your questions about clay, throwing, glazing and firing, or anything else you can think of.  The Art Store and Clayote’s Dani Fisher are looking forward to seeing you! Throw a pot with Dani for $15, or watch the demo for free!

Dani Fisher was born in Reading, Pennsylvania from a creative family. Her accomplishments in art, music, and performance have always gained praise from her connected communities and beyond, since an early age.
With a BS in Art Education from Kutztown University, Dani chose to spend her first years after graduation immersed in communities that needed art more as healing than a grade. She spent several years as a crisis counselor for teens, and working in inner city schools. She always used art as common ground.
“Since the times of cavemen, we have been painting on walls to tell the next people that come along what we were doing, where we got our food, what the weather was like, and what we believed. One of the saddest things I have ever heard is when a person says, ‘ Oh, I’m not an artist,’ or ‘I have zero creativity’. It’s even worse when they say it about someone else in their family. We are all artists, and we all have strengths and weaknesses in our ways of creating. Weather you are an accountant, an actor, a chef, a painter, a teacher, or a port-a-potty cleaner, you have art within you and as my grandfather always told me, a hidden talent is a wasted one.”
Clayote Gallery and Studio was a community gallery, studio, and also had yoga, bellydancing, open mics, live music, and Dani’s famous “Wheel n Wines”, where folks came from states away to participate in the one day, affordable, funfilled pottery wheel workshops. Dani appreciated clay as a way to heal the world and herself, and also communicate her feelings, messages and storytelling gifts to the world.

After several years of spending time in both Pennsylvania and Arizona, Dani Fisher now resides in the high desert of Chino Valley, AZ, with her husband, co-artist, and bandmate, Christopher J. Fisher, her actor son Benjamin, and her sports-minded son, Nathan. The family spends a good portion of time farming organic produce, hiking, riding horses, and manifesting their dreams.
Christopher and Dani perform in their band, as well in The High Desert Goatheads with Dale Long Sr., bassist, and Phillip Waddell, percussion.
In the visual art aspect, Dani has received several accolades as an illustrator, painter and sculptor.

Dani runs Clayote Studios in Prescott Valley.

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