Yavapai College’s Photo 1, Fall 2015

  • 1 pack of 25 sheet 8×10 “RC/VC (resin coated variable contrast), different finishes – “FB/VC” paper is not recommended for Photo1 students until the last month of class.
  • Approximately 15 rolls of 35mm film (Iso 400 preferred but 100 is usable) 400 is grainier and is for interior lighting. 100 is more defined and is for exterior lighting or heavy lighting. Instructor will emphasize which ones you will need.
  • A pair of white gloves. Thin or thick is up to the student’s preference. Thin will wear out sooner. Thick is difficult to feel at first.
  • Hewes Reel (no other reel is recommended due to they fall apart after little use).
  • Drying book: 8×12 or 11×14 drying books. These are used when the photos are not dried yet but the students needs to move or transport their photos. 8×12 fits into backpack easily, other does not but 11×14 photos are required for Photo 2 students. Sometimes called blotter books.
  • Binder notebook: notes, sleeves and handouts.
  • Anit-static cloth: Tiger Cloth or Orange cloth.
  • Negative Sleeves: Sold as sheets.
  • Spotting Brush: Synthetic or natural.
  • Lens Filter: We can special order through Dotline but YC rents them to students as well.
  • Grey Card: Matboard one unless student is both digital and analog.
  • Mounting boards (11x14s for 8×10 sized projects, 16x20s for 11×14 sized projects)
  • Drymount Tissue (suitable to project)

Please remind all students that their materials are all light and temperature sensitive. Do not open any film or paper out of the darkroom.


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