Yavapai College’s Oil/Acrylic Painting Spring 2016 Cohn

yc-header-croppedDana Cohn’s Supply List

Colors: Oil or acrylic

The parenthesized numbers below are your international registered pigments. Please match as closely as possible.

  •  Titanium White (PW6)
  • Ivory Black (PBk9)
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep (PY35)
  • Cadmium Red Light (PR108)
  • Alizarin Crimson (PR83)
  • Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
  • Cerulean Blue (PB36)
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep (PY35)
  • Dioxazine Purple(PV37)
  • Cobalt Blue (PB28)
  • Cadmium Lemon Yellow (PY35) In oils: Lemon is only in Gamblin and Winsor  In Acrylics: Cad Yellow Primrose is much closer to the Lemon Yellow but Cad Yellow Light is very very close.
  • Cadmium Orange (PR108)
  • Prussian Blue (PB15:3, PBk6) (This is a very loose defined ratio in every brand)
  • Cadmium Red Medium (PR108)
  • Pthalo Green (PG7)

Instructor is recommending paints in order of favor:

Acrylics: Golden, Golden Open (Slow Drying), Graham and Amsterdam. Amsterdam will not have most of these colors because they do not carry heavy metaled paints.

Oils: Gamblin, Jack Richeson, Graham, Aqua Duo, Winsor Newton


Additional supplies needed:

  • Painting pallete, 12 x 16 (plastic, wooden or disposable- student’s choice)
  • (1) approximately 10oz. non glass containers with airtight lids (for turps and water)
  • Palette knife (mixing)
  • Canvas pre-stretched, self-stretched, gessoed masonite or canvas board:(2) 8×10
    (2) 11×14
    (4) 16×20

Instructor is also offering to teach canvas stretching in class. Inform students of the possibility of buying just canvas and the bars.

Long Handled Brushes:
(2) #2 brushes (one round, one filbert)
(2) #6 brushes (one round, one filbert)
(2) #10 brushes (one round, one filbert)

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