Where the Computer Meets the Paint~Supply List

digital groundAll or most of these items on this list are sold at the Art Store and their webstore.

Many of these materials you may have already purchased for the first of these golden acrylic workshops.

To access the Art Store webstore click here.

Required Materials – not included in the workshop fee

  • An Open Mind!
  • Cradled Gessobord, 11×14 or larger with 3/4″ or more cradling
  • One full sheet of Arches 88
  • Heavy Gel Medium (gloss or semi-gloss), 8oz or larger
  • Fluid Matte Medium, 8oz or larger
  • Polymer Medium, 8oz or larger
  • Image Files on Thumb Drive/DVD -A print will be made on a prepared gel skin that will be prepped by the students for printing. The students will need to bring a digital image (the more contrast, the better is requested for visibility once printed). This digital image needs to be able to fit on a 8.5”x11” regular sized piece of paper. The image must be 300dpi or better (higher) and brought in on a thumb drive or DVD. Crop to what you think is applicable. Remember that you can cut your printed image to a smaller size if needed. Also remember that a larger image can be made smaller digitally but your original can not be made larger without dramatic quality and/or pixelation problems. If the image is to be sold, it must be an image of your own. If the image is for experimental purposes, the image can be of any means. Selling a copyrighted image of somebody else’s design is illegal. An ethical and monetary offense.
  • Various colors from Golden Colors in heavy body, fluids, high flow & Daler Rowney’s FW inks will be discussed. Bring the acrylic paint you have already purchased for your studio. Browse Golden’s and FW’s colors in our webstore by searching for Golden colors and/or FW inks. (Webstore seach “FW” and/or “Golden fluid”, “Golden Heavy”, “Golden High flow” and/or “Golden Open”)


If you are just getting started or need more colors, you should wait until the colors and different materials are discussed in class. The Art Store will have paint ready for purchase with a coupon as this workshop begins.

  • Disposable Palette Paper for mixing acrylic paints and mediums
  • Wide application brush at least 1” – 2” – soft W/C or water-media style wash brush is best.
  • Golden’s Digital Mixed Media Set
    Digital Ground White Matte, 8oz or larger
    Digital Ground Clear Gloss, 8oz or larger
    Digital Ground Clear for Non-Porous Surfaces, 8oz or larger
    Gel Topcoat with UVLS Gloss, 8oz or larger
    Gel Topcoat with UVLS Semi-Gloss, 8oz or larger
  • Art Store Transfer Kit (cost is $28.15 per student) includes the following:One Plexiglass sheet, 9×12

One Cut Edge Canvas Panel, 9×12

One ExtraVorganza Silk Sheet

One Daas Classic Transfer Sheet

One Sheet of duralar, approx 12×10

One small container of Purell Hand Sanitizer

Pre-made acrylic skin for printing on

Studio Printer’s Ink Fee

To purchase this kit only you can do so by calling the Art Store or by clicking the button below:

Equipment to bring yourself –

  • Various Acrylic Brushes, in your collection of acrylic brushes you should have at least a 1″ or 2″
  • Sponges
  • Empty Plastic Water Containers
  • Various metal and/or Palette Knives
  • Spray Bottle for Water application
  • Watercolor Palette with a lid
  • Paper Towels (grocery store item)
  • Apron
  • Latex gloves
  • Plastic Drywall Scraper, hard brayer or Catalyst Wedge (plain edge)


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