MAG’s Chris Saper Workshop – July, 2016

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Oil Paint

All pigment numbers listed are from the listed manufacturers or if unlisted, the pigment is from Gamblin’s line of oil colors.

  • Flake White (PW 1, Holbein’s silver white, 50ml or 110ml) and Titanium White (Gamblin’s PW 6 if using pure titanium and not a mixing white – mixing whites are PW4 & PW6 from many manufacturers it may not be pure titanium, ask instructor if either is acceptable)
  • Ivory Black (PBK 9)
  • Cadmium Scarlet (PR 108:1) or Cadmium Red Light (PR 108) or Vermillion (PR 106)
  • Alizarin Crimson Permanent (PR177, PG 36)
  • Pthalo Green (PG 7) or Viridian (PG 18)
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY 37)
  • Yellow Ochre (PY 43)
  • Asphaltum (Gamblin – PR101, PBK 9) or Burnt Umber (PBK 7)
  • Transparent Earth Red (Gamblin – PR101) or Burnt Sienna (PBR 7, WN is PR101 so if you have Winsor’s you have both)
  • Raw Umber (PBR 7)
  • Raw Sienna (PBR 7)
  • Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
  • Caucasian Flesh (I’m not kidding) (Gamblin – PW 6, PY 43, PR 108)
  • Foundation Greenish (Holbein – PG 17, PW 1, PW 6)
  • Monochrome Tint Warm (Holbein – PBR 11, PW 6)
  • Radiant Magenta (Gamblin – PV 19, PW6)
  • Portland Gray Medium (Gamblin – PW6, PW 4, PBK 11)
    Optional colors:
  • Caput Mortuum Violet (Rembrandt)(mix it–Ivory Black+Aliz+White) PR101, PB 29, PR264
  • Gamblin’s Radiant Violet (PV 23, PW 6) Radiant Blue (PV 23, PW 6)
  • Shiva’s Brilliant Yellow Light (In lieu of Titanium white) PW 6, PY 3
  • Permanent Rose – (PV19), This is known as Quinacridone Red in Gamblin and Shiva Oils, Quinacridone Rose in Graham & Permanent Rose in Winsor Newton. All these paints have the pigment known as Pigment Violet #19 only. All other quins will not mix well.

    Oil paint is recommended for this workshop. If acrylic must be used, an artist’s grade acrylic is required for this workshop: Golden Acrylics (best) or M. Graham (OK) is requested. Matching as many of the above pigment numbers to the acrylic paint of your choice is required to meet the needs of the workshop.


    Oil Thinners & Painting Mediums:
    Odorless Mineral spirits or Turpenoid or Gamsol (best)
    Gamblin’s Solvent-free Gel Medium or Olegel ( is also at the Art Store front counter)

    -Assorted brushes (filberts/flats in synthetics; sized: #1, 2 4,6,8,12 )
    -comb brushes –aka rake brushes; fan brush; other natural or synthetics that you like.Below is a pic of the comb brush referred above:

  • Paper towels


  • 3 Canvases, 14 x 18 to 16 x 20, toned and dry before class

    Oil-primed fine linen (Art Store can special order these) is better than acrylic primed canvas (acceptable); smoother weave is better than coarser weave so a fine linen is acceptable with an acrylic ground or portrait-grade (smooth) cotton canvas with an acrylic ground.

    Two canvases, use wash of OMS and either Ivory black or raw umber.

    For the third canvas, paint a layer of Gamblin’s Portland Gray Medium
    so that it is OPAQUE AND DRY before class.

    Other Equipment:

  • 12×16 or larger Hand-held palette (optional but great) or 12×16 or larger mixing palette
  • Paint mixing knife
  • Hand-held mirror
  • Clear straightedge or gridded ruler, 6”-12” or so. (Available at the Art Store)

    Reference photo holders:

  • These are VERY handy when painting from photographs:Manfrotto


The Art Store offers the New Accuclip from Accurasee

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