Introductory Watercolor Class

Water Color Event

Required Materials – not included in your class fee

  • Professional Single Pigment Watercolor Paints – M. Graham or Daniel Smith Watercolors are recommended:

These are recommended colors most used in class and demonstrations. Most importantly, bring what you have and we will evaluate your color options concerning your palette; and then, desired color choices can be discussed. Student grade paints will not mix properly.

– Azo or Hansa Yellow or equivalent single pigment yellow

– Napthol or Pyrole Red or equivalent single pigment red

– Pthalo or Ultramarine Blue or equivalent single pigment blue

– Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna

  • (2) Different Papers –
    • At least one sheet (22×30) of Global Art’s Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper or Arches 140lb, cold-press watercolor paper orGlobal Art’s Fluid 100 Watercolor block or an Arches block of cold press watercolor paper (at least 11×15 or larger)
    • At least one sheet (22×30) or a 9 x12 pad of Global Art’s Fluid Watercolor Paper, 140lb, cold-press watercolor paper or other student grade papers.

Equipment to bring yourself:

  • Brushes – Appropriate soft bristle watercolor brushes in various sizes and shapes; including:1) ½” flat wash
    2) #8 or #10 (medium) round brush
    If you have some art brushes please bring them to the first day of class so we can evaluate them.
  • Watercolor Palette – A palette with a large mixing area, cover and compartments to keep the paint separated.
  • Art Board – (hardboard, sealed hardwood or gatorboard) to attach individual sheets to while painting on the paper
  • Water Containers -In studio containers will be available for use but please bring 2 or 3 suitable flat bottomed containers
  • Drying Equipment – Paper towels, sponges (natural and/or cello) and/or facial tissues
  • Straight Edge/ Ruler – 12″ minimum,  18″ – 24″ preferred
  • Drawing Pencil
  • Mounting Tape –  Blue painters tape 1” in width
  • Tilt Support & Table Cover – Large towel to lie down as a table covering/work area
  • An Apron – Some paint pigments are staining to clothing
  • A Sketchbook for notes and sketches (9″x12″ approx.)
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