Don Voss – Medium is the Message Supply List

All or most of these items on this list are sold at the Art Store and their webstore.

Please remember that most or all prices from our webstore are lower than our sales floor and when finishing your webstore purchase you can choose to “pick-up in store” option if needed. We do not match our webstore pricing to our sales floor purchases.

To access the Art Store webstore click here.

Don Voss ImageRequired Materials – not included in your workshop fee

  • An Open Mind!
  • One sheet of Fabriano Artistico 140 lb, 22×30 watercolor sheet (Art Store sales floor only at this time)
  • One sheet of Arches’ BFK Rives, 280grams, 22×30 artist’s paper (Art Store webstore #AP100510319)
  • One 8oz jar of Golden soft gel gloss medium (Art Store webstore GD30105 )
  • One 8oz jar of Golden heavy gel gloss medium (Art Store webstore GD30505)
  • One 8oz container of GAC 200 (Art Store webstore GD39205)
  • One 8oz container of acrylic glazing liquid gloss (Art Store webstore GD37205)
  • Six 9×12 Regular Canvas Panels (Art Store webstore TF3209)
  • One 8oz jar of Golden fiber paste (Art Store webstore GD32405)
  • Disposable Palette Paper or personal palette (Art Store webstore CN100510955)
  • Various colors from Golden Colors in heavy body, fluids, high flow & Daler Rowney’s FW inks will be discussed. Bring the acrylic paint you have already purchased for your studio. Browse Golden’s and FW’s colors in our webstore by searching for Golden colors and/or FW inks. (Webstore seach “FW” and/or “Golden fluid”, “Golden Heavy”, “Golden High flow” and/or “Golden Open”)


If you are just getting started or need more colors, you should wait until the colors and different materials are discussed in class. The Art Store will have paint ready for purchase with a coupon as this workshop begins.

Highly Recommended –

  • One 8oz container of GAC 100 (Art Store webstore GD39105)
  • Open Source Decorative papers (In store sales floor only at this time)
  • Natural leaves, sand, dirt, fabric swatches, plastic wrap, tissue paper, inkjet picture and paper fibers for collage techniques (aka anything to add to a painting for fun (nothing personally precious this is an experimental class))

    Equipment to bring yourself –

  • Various Acrylic Brushes, in your collection of acrylic brushes you should have at least a 1″ or 2″ (Art Store webstore# SB1514S1 or SB1514S2 are good one but others will be fine) as well as a mixture of synthetic and soft natural bristled watercolor or acrylic brushes)
  • Sponges (Art Store webstore# RYR2093 or similar)
  • Empty Plastic Water Containers (Art Store webstore# SLIMF8 or similar)
  • Various metal and/or Palette Knives (search Art Store webstore for “palette knife”)
  • Spray Bottle for Water (Art Store webstore#SLSB16 or similar)
  • Brayer or Old Rolling Pin (Art Store webstore#SP4126 or similar)
  • Watercolor Palette (Art Store webstore#SP5781)
  • Paper Towels (grocery store item)
  • Apron (Art Store webstore#TR945TBLK)
  • Latex gloves (Art Store webstore#JA9900000 or JA9900003)


  • drafting tool set (compass, protractor, ruler…CTKT2 or similar)

The below Golden mediums and Fredrix products in sample sizes will be discussed and experimented with. These as well as the following will also be available for each student:

  • Absorbent White Ground
  • Light Molding Paste
  • Heavy Molding Paste
  • GAC800
  • Crackle Paste
  • Regular Molding Paste
  • Fine and Coarse Pumice Gel
  • Mr. Voss will also be bringing some other art material samples to experiment with
  • Cut Edge Canvas Panel


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