Basic Drawing II Supply List


The students are to follow this provided supply list:

  • 24 set (or more) of Colored Pencils (Polycolors, Prismacolors, Pablos, Luminance or Polychromos) – “best pencils made today are the Luminance”
  • Set of Artist’s Graphite Pencils  (2H to 6B+) (Kimberly, Toison, Cretacolor or other comparables)*
  • 18×24 Drawing Paper (or larger), single sheets available in M/T line, (Richeson, Strathmore or Canson is available in pads)
  • Kneaded Eraser*
  • White/Sanded Eraser
  • One viewfinder sheet of Red Duralar
  • One viewfinder sheet of Duralar
  • 24” ruler
  • Black water-based marker*
  • Set of Black Technical Pens including brush tip (Microns, Pitts, Multiliners or Pigment Liners)
  • (4) Bulldog Clips (Two if you have clips on your drawing board)*
  • Art Store Grid 1 to 2 ratio


  • Workable Fixative (Krylon’s Art Fixatif is recommended)
  • Masking Tape (3/4” to 1”)
  • Drawing Board (able to hold 18×24 or larger drawing paper)*
  • Tortillions or stomps
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Viewfinder (large window)

    *If you attended Drawing I from the Art Store, you should already have these items


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