Pens & Markers aplenty, here at The Art Store. Whether you’re drawing and inking comics, coloring in a coloring book, zentangle-ing, or inking your architectural masterpiece, The Art Store has what you need.  We carry alcohol based markers which are great for layering.  There are water based markers such as Tombows which can be laid down like marker and worked like watercolor.

Just need a pen?  The Art Store has a huge selection.  We’ve got the typical bic style pen but we also have technical pens, fine line architectural pens, brush tip pens, calligraphy nibs and holders, and much more!

Once you find the right pen or marker, The Art Store staff can assist you in finding the best paper for your next creation.


Pigma micron

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.42.54 PM


Higgins Ink

FW Ink


Faber Castell



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