Art Insider – The New Year is here!

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Celebrate this New Year of Creativity!

After our clearance sale, it was awesome to see our customers beaming that they would be soon having fun with high quality art materials they got at great deals. Even 50% off! May the correct materials and equipment inspire you all year long!

To start the New Year refreshed and prep the studio for the month, the Art Store will be closed on Monday the 2nd of January. We will reopen for Kid’s Camp on Tuesday.



Classes are restarting this upcoming week.

The following is the January 2023, class schedule reminder and update:

Art Store Kid’s Camp is a GO! Starts on the 3rd of January, Mr. Millet is traveling on Monday and will be present to start the camp. He is very excited. Space is limited but still available at this time. Feel free to peruse the details by clicking the link at the beginning. Please register before the camp and don’t forget to fill out the required form for the safety of your child.




Art Store’s Watercolor Class is a GO! Starts on the 4th of January. The planned instructor will be here for the first 3 weeks of the class. She wants to announce her good news to her father at the end of the month, so a sub will be teaching on the 4th wednesday. A little artist will be added to her family! There is room in the class so please feel free to peruse the event by clicking the highlighted class at the beginning.




Art Store’s Oil and Acrylic Class is a GO!

Starts on the 5th of January. The instructor has missed you all! This class has limited seating so if you wish to attend, please register online or in person by Tuesday the 2nd of January. Clicky the link at the beginning.




Art Store’s Drawing Class is a GO!

Starts on the 7th of January. This should be a great class! There are spaces available for the class starting on this upcoming Saturday. To peruse the event, just click on the link at the beginning. Drawing is  the  basis  of  all  art.




Art Store’s Sculpture Class has not met its minimum students to go forward at this time.

To view the details of the class, feel free to peruse the details. Students need to be registered by Wednesday the 4th of January. All students that are registered will be offered a class credit for a future class or full return.



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