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After a two-year hiatus, the Art Store is restarting our workshops and classes. To view the schedule, feel free to click on the bottom footer on our website or follow this link or click on the class image to the right.

Click on the image above to reserve your space

Please remember to change between months to view March and beyond. April’s schedule of demos, contests, community critiques will be released in about a week. Most classes will stay the same but the workshop on the 29th and 30th of April has not been decided at this time.

To celebrate this reopening of our art studio classes, all students will have the opportunity to work on our NEW Richeson’s Lobo Best Easels. Being solid oak with metal hardware, I have found these to be the best for our local climate. One of the few easels that will lay flat, be vertical in different degrees as well as go beyond 90 degrees, it is a perfect design for artists who work in multiple medias. As well as being able to adjust to different heights and angles.

The present exhaust system will remove all toxic fumes from the art studio for solvent uses. Recommended paint thinner is still Gamsol from Gamblin.

To reserve your space in these classes and workshops you can either contact us through our scheduler above or call us at 443-0749 to reserve your space or stop by the store. 

In April we will be announcing our grand opening to our classes and demos to meet the present instructors. In the meantime, we are restarting with a soft opening now. Below are the available instructors so far. See the schedule for March to see what and when they will be teaching in the Art Store studio.


Rembrandt portrait by Ken Ottinger in colored pencils/watercolor pencils

Ken Ottinger: Starting his art career in 1968 when he graduated with a BFA from the prestigious, Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles, California. At that time, he became a highly successful, multiple national and international award winning free-lance illustrator for Motor Trend Magazine, Universal Studios, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S. Air Force Documentary Art Program which took him to Europe to fulfill assignments in Germany and Spain. However, his education didn’t stop there. Ken became recognized as one of the nations authorities on the Plains Indians when his lifelong study was acknowledged in the mid 1970’s with an invitation to be Artist Instructor in Residence at the University of South Dakota at Vermilion. He had a one man show in the Oscar Howe Gallery on campus where he lectured on the material culture of the Plains Indian and gave sculpture demonstrations. His sculptural art depicts historically accurate figurative subjects created with rich sensitivity. Over Ken’s long and productive career he has had the opportunity to study the cultures and wildlife of The America’s and can be found quite often observing the flora and fauna in the great northwest, especially

Red Onion study achieved with colored pencil and watercolor pencil

Wyoming and Montana, where he lived deep in the mountains for a time. When Ken wasn’t busy in his studio in Sedona, Arizona creating his fine art, he was usually on the road studying the wildlife of Jackson Hole or the red eyed tree frogs in Southern Mexico. Ken’s family has lived in Arizona since 1945 and Ken has lived in Arizona for twenty years. At the inception of his career, Ken became aware of his desire to teach others. He has found time to share his talents with students in many venues from his college alma mater, and the University of South Dakota at Vermilion, to Sedona Art Center. His passion , enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of art are nowhere more evident than when he is sharing it with his students. Ken has devoted his life to creating objects of art. Now he is devoting his sensitive talent to the art of sculptural jewelry as well. For centuries, jewelry created in precious metals has put a sparkle in peoples eyes. Ken’s jewelry adds new dimensions to this statement because of the unique quality he imparts to each and every piece he creates. The soft sensual curves and magnificent detail are a joy to behold again and again. Among Ken’s notable collectors and clients are Bob Hope, Nancy Sinatra, Da

Orchid original created in colored pencil

nny Thomas, Henry Mancini, Ann Miller, Eddie Basha, Zandra Ralph, Robert Redford just to name a few. In 1993 he was commissioned by the United States Historical Society to do a series of sculptures commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. In 1994 the Phoenix Zoo commissioned Ken to create a painting of the Spectacle Bear, the only bear found in the southern hemisphere and a rare and endangered species that the zoo was building a multi-million dollar habitat for. He has been featured in many of the

nations most respected magazines such as Connoisseur, The Robb Report, Southwest Art, Decor Magazine, Sedona Magazine, and Artists of the Rockies and Golden West. He is currently a member of the prestigious Society of American Historical Artists. Ken and his wife, Laura, own and operate Sculptor’s Studio. They are dedicated to creating the finest sculptural art that is available. His portfolio can be found here.


Karel Armstrong: “There is more to a painting than an image.
Put yourself into the painting and relate.”

“I want people to look at my work and see something they can relate to. Viewers need to feel the warmth, the glow, and the rapture. They need to look for the breath, the vitality, and the animation. I want them to spend time to explore the emotions and the spirit of the work.”

As a Southwest landscapes and animal themes in watercolor and colored pencil my work will vary from art painted on paper or wood. I recently added my watercolor “Sea Sprites” series, of children on the beach in front of waves at the ocean and a cowboy series in colored pencil.

Lily pad Watercolor by Karel Armstrong

Awards have been received for lost wax bronzes, watercolor paintings, colored pencil, and mixed media. Paintings and drawings are in private collections in Old Mexico, London, England and throughout the United States.

Commission pieces have been done for Technique Information Systems, Inc. the Scottsdale Thunder Polo team, Turf Paradise Horse Trainers, Arizona State Pigmy Goat Association, Arizona Mule and Donkey Club, and SCCA Auto Racing Club members, corporations and individuals.

Selected Awards and Honors

2010 First Place turned wood with finial
2009 First Place Colored Pencil on wood
2006 Award in Colored Pencil Society juried exhibit, Cave Creek, AZ
2001 Juried in CWA Exhibit, Magic Bird Art Festival, El Chorro-Art Alliance, Shemer Art

Center, CPSA Exhibit in Phoenix, and teaching children art at PV Kids College.
2000 Juried in CWA Exhibit at the Art Institute of Phoenix, S.E. AZ Fine Art, Art
Alliance at El Chorro in Scottsdale, Art League West, and Shemer Art Center.
1999 Juried in CWA Exhibit, Artismo Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ
1997 Juried in San Diego, California Regional CPSA Exhibit, Poway, CA
Primary artist in Four Women Exhibit at Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium
Painting sold and shipped to London, England
April Artist of the Month, Scottsdale, Artists League
South East Arizona Exhibit Best of Show and Juror’s Choice awards
Painting sold to Cardiovascular Consultants
1996 Accepted to Backstreet Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
1995 Grady Gammage Show, Tempe, AZ Israel Independence Day Show
Juror’s First Place Award Watercolor, Scottsdale Artist League Kerr Cultural Center
1993 Painting to Ralph Wilson, owner Buffalo Bills Football Team,
Award Endangered Wildlife Exhibit, Scottsdale, AZ


Patrick Harper: Born in Mississippi and raised in Indiana, Harper learned how to draw from cowboy comics. Recently relocated to Prescott, Arizona to

Phippen Hill created in oils on canvas

pursue his western vision, he is inspired by the vast western landscape, Arizona skies, ranches and cowboy culture.

“Cow Pasture” oil on canvas

Also an award winning teacher, Harper has taught since 1980 at UCLA, Fashion Institute, Otis Art College of Art and Design, Mt. Sierra College, Dreamworks Studios in California and in Arizona beginning in 2014.

He has worked in advertising, film and television producing ad concepts, storyboards and illustrations for a number of film and TV projects and shows. He studied at the Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art and Design and The Scottsdale Artists School.

Harper is a member of Oil Painters of America, Malibu Art Association, California Art Club, Arizona Plein Air Painters and Mountain Artists Guild in Prescott, Arizona where he is a board member and exhibiting artist.

Currently Harper’s work can be seen at Tirage Art Gallery in Pasadena, California and Mountain Artists Guild in Prescott. To view more of Patrick’s portfolio, this can be found here.


Hotshots Remembered Charcoal by Keith Kendall

Cowboy at Rest by Solon Borglum enlarged by K & K Studios

Keith Kendall: Apprentice to many master artists over his art career, Keith Kendall, owner of K & K Studios and the Art Store has brought his experiences from working in the arts as a working artist for nearly 40 years. His vast knowledge of the bronze casting process having managed and owned art foundries locally has inspired many to take his classes in the past. Attending national conventions on art materials has also given him a tremendous understanding of the art techniques and materials used. After molding thousands of sculptures over his art career, there is nothing that has discouraged the success each of his students has received as many have gone on to win gold medals in sculpture. To view his portfolio and resume’ he can be found online here. Locally projects such as the Silver Tornado at the YRMC hospital, the Cowboy at Rest on the south side of the County Courthouse and the Early Rodeo Monument are part of K & K Studios’ portfolio.



Why become an Art Store student? 

  • You have the freedom to take a class from month to month, not by the semester schedule
  • You have the freedom to create your art the way you want and not be graded on the college curriculum
  • You will receive up to date knowledge of the art materials and techniques
  • You will receive samples of the art materials as they are available in the store
  • You are supporting a locally owned business
  • You are part of the art community and will be informed of its happenings
  • You will receive professional critiques when requested
  • You will receive an Art Store student discount of 15% off any non-promotional item in the store!
  • You will also receive coupons for the store as long as you are registered
  • You will receive the attention you deserve as our classes are 10 or less attendees to every working class or workshop
  • You will receive training on the hazards of art materials and how to be safe in the studio settings
  • You will know when our sales floor clearance items are announced
  • All payments for our classes, workshops and demos can be made online, in the store or over the phone.
  • Our instructors are professional artists who have practiced their art for years. As well as have not plateaued their learning themself.

To view all March classes available from these instructors, please feel free to visit our scheduler here. Wish to be added to our call list for future classes and workshops? Just email us your phone number and interests. 

The Art Store also has a joyous announcement that the store will be receiving reserved parking in the near future. As the center we are in will be receiving a new coffee house, a new yoga studio and the stylist will be staying as well, I was able to request reserved parking for the store for all future classes, workshops and demos. As to reserve proper parking for the store it is imperative to do so with the present property manager. Reserved parking will be signed in the near future for the store. – Keith Kendall, owner & manager.


All needs for framing hardware for you do-it-yourselfers has been met with our new display of Ook products: 

  • framing wire in different pound ratings
  • offsets of 4 different sizes
  • D-rings of multiple pound ratings
  • canvas clips for clipped frames
  • leveling pins for your off-balance frames
  • hangers of all types

New Service and present services offered at the Art Store

  • RTV silicone molding
  • Custom Canvas Stretching
  • Canvas Board Mounting
  • Kilning Services
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