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The Art Store has gone low EMF!

Due to the recent findings of how much EMF (5G) can affect the nervous system of humans in very detrimental ways, the Art Store has gone wired on all possible electronics. This is including the neighbors on the sides of the business agreeing to do the same. I had hired a tech to scan the business and between my knowledge of the construction of the building the business is in, the natural partial faraday cage affect of the building, it was directing the wireless radiation back upon the people in the building. If high amounts of radiation is used, the people can be injured by causing leaky gut and leaky brain due to microbiome overgrowths. The Art Store paid for the neighbor’s improvements as to remove the 3 million ghz router that the local cable company had put in their business. This was showing up into the store as 2.3 million ghz even through the wall. Due to the metal poisoning that was caused by my past 15 years of medical misadventure, it was easily detectable that something was new to the environment. You can find now many articles stating that we have a problem in the United States when it comes to EMF. The following is just one from a medical clinic: (Vagus Nerve: Gastroparesis, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Syncope (

This took some time and investment to get done. Once the tech had figured out that the last network tech in the building had installed a wireless hub against my wishes, I immediately removed it from the store property. The business next to us, cordially obliged to do the same as long as they could run at a lower EMF band (to not penetrate the separating wall). You will notice all computers and printers are now at the front counter for our business purposes.

If you wish to discuss your own studio and/or house wireless radiation, you can contact me at the store for more detailed reasons for doing this. We are discussing doing a presentation for the local artists in the store in the near future. This will be discussing our toxic environment and how to protect ourselves from it. The tech has agreed to be part of this presentation to inform the public about the dangers of radiation.

When you take a class at the Art Store, it is good to be able to say you are safe in the studio. That all precautions are being thought of such as heavy metal collection, exhausting of toxic fumes and now……..a low EMF rating.  – Keith Kendall, Owner & Manager of the Art Store, LLC.


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