Art Insider – Thanksgiving Sale Begins

artistic insider prescott art store

For this Thanksgiving, the Art Store is celebrating surviving another year in the present business environment and the owner surviving his 1% chance to live from his past medical misadventures by curing all the illnesses it had created. For the rest of November until Thanksgiving, the store floor will be 25% off the listed prices on all items in the store. *

*Any coupons during this time will not be honored because we do not stack discounts.

How do you receive this discount? Share with us what you are thankful for during these troubling times. There is even a place to write them down in the store. 


Health Update from the owner: Even though my future looked bleak, I have survived all the traumas before me. I’ve chosen to help others with what I experienced due to the recent developments of our society. My vagus nerve condition (frequency dysfunction caused by past and present infection) has now been cured. Including removing the brain fog and memory recall dysfunctions I was experiencing. The final therapy was finished as of this week. This was including curing MS symptoms and removing the lesions from my brain and spine naturally. Since I used holistics to beat the system that we presently suffer with, I have become a sales associate to a major healer in our nation. Coming up will be a presentation on the therapies I used to cure my illnesses. Many community members I have spoken with have already received much in benefits to what I have proven. Stay tuned! I have much to be thankful for. – Keith Kendall, owner & manager of the Art Store, LLC


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