Art Insider – Thanks for the support & our BTS Sale Begins

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Thank you for the support!

We would like to thank the many customers who came in during December. It was a pleasure to see so many happy and joyous artists. May you and your family have had a wonderful holiday and better yet , may 2022 be an amazingly creative year for you all!

Daniel Smith Watercolors and watercolor sticks are 25% off their MSRP!

M. Graham Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil are 25% off their MSRP !

Fredrix Prestretched Canvas is 40% off!

Richeson Deluxe Lobo Easel is 25% off!



New for the sales floor!

Nitram Bâton

Unique charcoal drawing device. Designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette a thin 4mm charcoal stick. The Nitram Bâton provides a unique way to draw.

Artists who have tried the Bâton: “I love it! Lightweight and clean, easy to use and feels good in the hands…” “Enables a good ‘taking in’ of the model and background at the same time”

Each Bâton comes with five (5) Mignonettes ~ soft charcoal sticks specially made for Nitram Bâton.

As long as supplies last, if you purchase a baton and refill, we will give you a portfolio bag from Nitram

for free!

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