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April and May’s class schedule

Caroline Linscott’s May Workshop is filling up fast. If you wish to attend, please remember that there is only 8 possible seats. You can register to reserve your seating online, stop by the store or call us and register over the phone.



Introductory Drawing Class Schedule has been released. These classes will be offered in May and June.









W/S Oil, Acrylic and Oil painting class schedule has been released. These classes are offered in April, May and June







Sculpture Class has returned. Please feel free to register for future classes. We will be firing ceramics as necessary. Limited Seating so please register before the class you are attending.




The State of the Art Store

Many of you know the owner of the store had gone through a near death experience of sepsis. During this time, a local doctor had caused such a condition by missing a relatively easy infection. The infection had grown to an immense level from the therapies chosen by the past doctor. After a correct diagnosis, he has been able to recover in many ways. Since the AMA refuses to acknowledge the syndrome exists, it was a difficult one to diagnose but the person he was in front of was trained in doing so. Just a very bad doctor. A year of recovery as well as cleanse of the infection has led to the release of high doses of arsenic and lead in his blood as the organism died releasing the metals it was bonded to. Chelation therapy has been started. As soon as this started his mental acuity returned. The metal poisoning was causing cognitive disreasoning and brain fog. At 5X the acceptable levels of arsenic and 2x the levels of lead, it was understandable. The metal is being removed weekly.

He is sharing his recovery (finding hundreds that are suffering) to help others in many ways on facebook. He also wanted to thank this community for coming in to the store during this time as to assist in his recovery. 13 IVs will be issued in total. 5 are completed to remove the heavy metals and rejuvenate the minerals needed in the body that was fighting off the infection for years. He has stated,”Its already worth it!”.

Please no more panicked reactions, the store is just fine. Improvements are coming. The Art Store is changing signs at this time for the street sign display in the front of the store. As well as the store’s window art will be replaced with some inspiring, “taking flight” artwork. Something I’ve been wanting to do for years.  – Keith K., Owner

Our Art Community

A niece to a local artist that past recently came into the Art Store, She announced herself as repairing a family heirloom book with the need of PVA to do so. Sheepishly, she also wondered if she could put up a flyer. To sell her aunt’s easel.

I let her know that my community is important to me. That I am sorry to hear of the passing, that if one of my community has graduated, I need to know of it. I also will try to help the family as they are figuring out the estate’s liquidation. In doing so, the flyer is not enough to communicate the value of such an item. That a newsletter post is more of what is needed.

She explained she has a gently used David Sorg Signature Easel from Jack Richeson BEST Easels, #368910. To discuss purchasing this easel from Jeri in Prescott, please email her at Asking price on this flyer is $260.00. New ones were originally priced at $1200.00. This easel is no longer manufactured by Jack Richeson but includes wheels, a rack for paper towels, a large mast in height, a counterbalancing carriage and many other features. Pictured below is the easel new……in the flyer I can see some paint on it.


The Art Store does not profit or manage this sale in any way. Jeri will be your only contact on this. In my opinion, the BEST easels are made by the BEST company. I would not miss out on this. –Keith Kendall, owner of the Art Store.

The Art Store also accepts any donations to our classes for student use. Recently a local community member donated a matcutter for us to train our students on how to cut them themselves. 

Coupons and Deals

The Art Store Spring sale runs until the end of the day of May 29th.

M.Graham paints at 40% off!

Fredrix Prestretched canvases at 50% off!

In-stock – Navajo Easel is 50% off!


Need a coupon? The monthly coupon books contain one. Below is the most recent one. Check money in the mail for more.




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