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Art Material Shortages Coming

To all of our customers, if you have been paying attention, Canada’s Trucking Convoy has caused a lot of interruptions in their supply chain. This has been rumored to happen in the United States as well. Estimated time of this event is towards the end of February and launching March 1st. All participating truckers will affect the supply chains of all retailers online and brick and mortar stores. The length of this event will affect all resources including food, water, medications, supplements and our essential art materials to use to keep sane in this world. Please plan ahead and keep safe in these trying times. May you meet your artmaking goals.

As the owner of the Art Store, I have already increased the ordering to compensate what may be needed for our community. May we all be civil during these trying times. One of your best ways to regulate one’s stress hormones is exercise as well as the successes you may have while creating art.  – Keith Kendall, Owner, The Art Store, LLC

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