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September Classes

September class registration times are ending soon! Some students have already signed up for the month for oil/acrylic classes, sculpture, drawing and watercolor classes. If you are planning on attending a class in September, please make sure you are registered at least two days before the start of the class.

Watercolor class registration ends on Monday the 4th of September. *

Oil & Acrylic Painting Class registration ends on the 5th of September.* This class will be moving forward as many are registering after this Thursday’s final class. Single sessions and the full month of class are available now.

The Drawing Class registration ends on the 1st of September.

The Ceramics/Sculpture Class registration ends on the 1st of September.

Please contact the Art Store at 9284430749 or come by the store to register for your spaces for the month or singles (once four full month registrations are received) during this month.

*There has been an instructor change for thes classes, Keith Kendall will be taking over the painting classes on thursdays and wednesdays. He holds a degree in illustration, has owned the Art Store for nearly 25 years and was trained by his father who was who’s who’s in america in 1964 for the art division. The supply lists as published are being used. He is looking forward to teaching again after the near miss of his death.

To view the present class and workshop schedule, please click here.


BTS sale has begun!

For Back to School Sale this year, the following are on great promotions:

All M. Graham Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil are 40% off their MSRP !*

Fredrix Prestretched Canvas is 50% off their MSRP!

Discontinued Single Prismacolor Markers are 50% off their MSRP!

Discontinued open-stock enkaustikos sticks are 50% off their MSRP!

*Buy 3 Get one Free! promotion is in play as long as supplies last


New for the sales floor!

Nitram Bâton

Unique charcoal drawing device. Designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette a thin 4mm charcoal stick. The Nitram Bâton provides a unique way to draw.

Artists who have tried the Bâton: “I love it! Lightweight and clean, easy to use and feels good in the hands…” “Enables a good ‘taking in’ of the model and background at the same time”

Each Bâton comes with five (5) Mignonettes ~ soft charcoal sticks specially made for Nitram Bâton.

As long as supplies last, if you purchase a baton and refill, we will give you a portfolio bag from Nitram

for free!

New for the Sales Floor!

Faber Castell Pitt Pens has released new nibs

What is a Fude Nib? Meet the Pitt Artist Pen’s Newest Nibs

Pitt Artist Pen with fude nib

The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen collection is known for its versatility and wide variety of nibs, making it a go-to for artists and crafters of all interests. Taking the versatility of the popular artist pens a step further, Pitt Artist Pens are now available in two new nib sizes: fude medium and fude hard.

Pitt Artist Pen Fude Hard nib
Pitt Artist Pen Fude Medium nib

What is a fude nib?

The word “fude” comes from the Japanese term meaning “brush.” The Pitt Artist Pen fude nibs earn their name from their resemblance to brush nibs, although they are different. With a shorter nib design, fude nibs allow for a more stable design process compared to brush nibs, with durability that provides a constant flow of India ink.

Fude nibs allow for razor-sharp lines, avoiding line imperfections. Beginners will enjoy using the new nibs as they are flexible, durable, and easy to control. Both fude nibs are suited for lettering, sketching notes, bullet journaling, and more. We do not recommend using a fude nib for quick sketches as the ink flow will break off in between lines.



Due to the sales floor changes, there has been some empty brush displays that have come open to be donated to a local artist’s studio. Feel free to come by the store to get a FREE brush display!

A DIY table easel was also donated to the store to be given to a local artist. Feel free to come by the store to inspect and see if it will meet your needs.

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