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Artistic Insider June 2017 edition! - The Art Store

The nationally sold out Speedball Clay Boss is here!


All the features that the Pottery Wheel competition has been trying to keep up with. The Clay Boss sets the standard for the industry with value, quality, and price. 1/2 horsepower (industrial motor) Sophisticated load-sensing control – maintains wheel head speed under changing loads 100-lb centering capacity 14″ wheel head with sturdy steel structure and long lasting polypropolene composite surface Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control( 0-240 RPM) Reversing plug allows quick change of wheel head direction Easily removable modular control/foot pedal system 10 year warranty. 2 Plastic Bats, 2 Piece Splashpan, and Bat Pin Set at NO CHARGE!


Speedball Boss Series Glaze Rebate


New Mexico Clay has Arrived! NEW!

Our normally offered clay bodies have been restocked. Special orders and requests have been fulfilled.

New on the sales floor:



LGWC403 Speckled Buff (Cone 5 to 6)

a smooth tan clay with a dark speckles . Sold in 25lb increments. Shrinkage rate %12, Water absorption %3, COE 6.12




Mica Red Low fire (018 to 04)

MICA RED Sold in 25lb increments. Is a clay similar to Indian pottery

from around Northern New Mexico. The clay is from the Manzano Mountains here in Albuquerque. MICA RED can be glazed if bisqued to cone 04.

For cooking pots bisque to cone 010 to 017.








The classes will be returning soon. Contact us to place yourself on the to be called list!

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