Art Insider – Sales Floor Changes

artistic insider prescott art store

After returning to the store, I have had a number of requests for Amsterdam paint. The most popular acrylic paint the store had ever had. A decent student grade and excellent for drop paintings. This paint has returned in smaller sizes (20ml) in the entire color offerings and titanium white in larger sizes. The 20ml tubes cost $2.95! Larger sizes will arrive soon: Your choice for color. The Amsterdam Standard Series gives you the broad

Now on the sales floor!

est range of brilliant, pure colors – all skillfully made based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and high grade pigments. Enjoy great lightfastness and a choice of opacities. Need something special? Discover the possibilities of their 17 Specialty Colors – metallic, pearl and reflex colors – that complement the balanced palette of their medium viscosity paint. Excellent adhesion on canvasses and walls – or use it on almost any other surface that you like.

select colors at 50% off!

To make room for this full display of Amsterdam colors, select Sennelier Modern Abstract acrylic paints have been put on clearance at 50% off! These can be found on the first endcap of the store. Only $3.98 now for 120ml!

Single pads of the Stonehenge Mini pads have arrived! These are only $1.99! So much fun to try out the new paper from Stonehenge. Full sets are also available.


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