Art Insider – Road Closure & March Class Update

6th Street Road Closure

If you run into the road closed sign at any road leading to the Art Store, the road is NOT closed at the Art Store. The road is closed at Navajo Street because of a water main collapsed and 6th Street is not passable at this time from the Whipple Street Connector direction to the Art Store. This is at the 2nd bridge near the 6th Street Business center and gutter business. Please enter through the north entrance of Pleasant street off of Sheldon Street leading to 6th Street. When exiting the Art Store parking lot, the only exit is south on 6th street leading to Sheldon Street. Please see the highlighted route from Sheldon Street on the image below.

Due to the closure, the businesses in this area are being affected dramatically by the signage from the city stating that the road is closed before the businesses with only the sign stating “local traffic only” and not “road closed at Navajo Street, local businesses are open”. The City of Prescott decided to inform the public the road is closed at the major intersections instead of the actual site of the water pipe breakage. This is to protect themselves and the congestion of areas to turn around.

If you can, support these businesses as they will be affected for weeks as the repair is completed. Their property managers will not care that business has been affected and their rent is due regardless.

See you soon at the Art Store!

March Class Update

For the month of March, the following classes made:

Wednesday’s Watercolor Class

Thursday’s Painting Class

Saturday’s Sculpture Class

This means single sessions are available. These are possible only when the class meets minimum requirements. The single sessions are pre-sold by calling the store or stopping by before the class is running to reserve your space.

Drawing class event           

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