Art Insider – October Classes Updated

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October Classes

For October the following classes are a GO!:

Saturday’s Basic Drawing Class starting on the 1st of October. At this time, there is only one seat available for this upcoming month 

Thursday’s W/S Oil, Oil and Acrylic Class starting on the 6th of October. There are 0 spaces available for this upcoming month

Wednesday’s Watercolor Class starting on the 5th of October. This class is proceeding with many returning students. Single Sessions now available. 

This class has been cancelled for the month of October:

Saturday’s Sculpture Class starting on the 1st of October

To view the present class and workshop schedule, please click here.




Holiday Kiln Firings

Firing of ceramics will continue through October, November and December by how the kiln loads are built. Please remember that if you need a kiln run in a timely manner, to plan to pay for the whole kiln load ($60.00) unless there is a few artists that are sharing a load. Costs then are by the percentage of the kiln space by cubic inch. Bisque runs fit a lot more than a glaze run ever will so please plan accordingly on your costs.

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