Art Insider – Kid’s Art Camp! June to August Class Schedule is released!

artistic insider prescott art store

artistic insider prescott art store

Summer is upon us!

Our Summer Class and Workshop schedule has been released. We have had a lot of requests for a Kid’s Camp returning.

Kids Camp Details:

2022 Art Camp, some of the art we will do may include:


fiber clay

marbling paper

Self Portrait (Drawing)

Acrylic Painting

Oil Pastels

Watercolor Painting

Charcoal Drawing







 All art materials to be used in the camp are included with your camp fee.

This camp will be available for kids ages 6+

Registration is required to ensure enough materials will be available

Session one is starting June 6th, session two is starting June 13th & the third session is starting June 20th. More details are within each session registration button chosen. Each session is for 3 days of fun from 10am to 4pm.

Instructor: Thomas Millet & others

To view our June schedule of Kid’s Camp, click on the “I love the Art Store!” image

Summer of Creation!

Our full schedule of classes and workshops can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right.

Drawing, Kid’s Camp, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics

Sculpture and Ceramics class has been very busy so if you are thinking you may attend, I would register quickly.




Recently, the International Art Material convention had occurred. I was unable to attend due to my focus on my health as well as they required full vaccination, masks and ID at the convention in Florida. Yes, in Florida……..

When this convention occurred, many changes were announced nationwide:

Nupastels in individual colors are being discontinued in the near future*

Verithin pencils in individual colors are being discontinued*

Colerase pencils in individual colors are being discontinued*

Prismacolor Fineline markers in individual sizes are being discontinued*

*this means the open stock on the sales floor will be slowly losing colors

Tombow watercolor markers will be replaced with Lyra W/C markers on our sales floor due to a comparable product that is lesser cost and better reorder times.

Canson XL Oil/Acrylic Paper Pads will be on the sales floor soon (within a week)

Canson XL sanded paper pads will be on the sales floor soon (about a month)

Daniel Smith will be releasing new colors in their watercolor line, but at the time of the convention they had not released these as of yet.

Tara Fredrix canvases has been purchased to be distributed by a different vendor, so I expect some shortages in some sizes as they redistribute

Catalyst brushes and silicone brushes are returning to the sales floor (these had been removed during my fight for my life)

Ceramic Glazes will continue to be difficult to receive due to raw material shortages

Golden Acrylic Waterbased varnishes have no estimated time of arrival due to raw material shortages

Moleskine sketchbooks are becoming more and more difficult to receive from China (yes, they were using China for most of their production but telling us it was Italy) so Canson will be offering a comparable sketchbook for your needs.

Talen’s Colorline Liquid Watercolor has increased their line of colors so the sales floor display is being updated

As we are informed of any other changes these will be posted in this newsletter.


Our Art Community Changes

We have been informed that Clayote Studios has moved to Flagstaff and Jars of Clay will be closing soon. We wish both of them well in their future endeavors. We at the Art Store have no plans in doing so and will continue to offer pottery clays and classes presently as well as in the near future.


State of the Art Store

Many have been wondering how I have been doing? What has happened to the informative Art Insider Newsletter posts? 

As you know, I am not shy about my past or what I had experienced these last 15 years. Not many live after being exposed to candida albicans for as long as I had been. One thing that it does is cause a person’s immune system to fail due to the constant fight with the pathogen. The only comparison is for one to have AIDS without having AIDS. During my journey, every system in my body failed. When this happens, spinal and cranial fungal miningitis can easily occur when death is imminent. There is no defense against such a toxic situation so the nervous system and brain can be attacked as it had been. For the past two months, I have been treated by an amazing doctor’s directives to reverse the condition by strengthening my immune system to the point of removing the pathogens naturally. I can say that due to the pathogens, my memory recall had been affected. With this therapy, I am able to recall people’s names and daily tasks easily. I do greatly appreciate the condolences of my mother passing due to the remdesivir usage as well as the care from a compassionate community that I have loved for these 43 years to myself and my recovery. I thank you all for your prayers and I know there has been many as I fight every day in my final boss level.

As for my physical health, I have been crossfit training as part of my recovery from being bedridden for years from the nutritional malabsorptions. I can say that in 2 years, I have gone from barely walking to running, from barely able to lift the bar to deadlifting nearly 300 pounds, bench pressing 200 and squatting 250. My focus is to survive a one percent chance to a good quality of life. The newsletter will be coming back in its informative way soon. Stay safe, keep up the fight in your own lives………the end will be epic – Keith Kendall, Owner & Manager, The Art Store

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