Art Insider – July’s 2023 Class Schedule

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July Classes

July class registration times are ending soon! Some students have already signed up for the month of drawing and oil/acrylic classes. If you are planning on attending a class in July, please make sure you are registered at least two days before the start of the class.

Drawing and Sculpture Class registration ends on Thursday morning the 29th of June.

Drawing Class is a GO for the month. Single Sessions are open now. Please contact the Art Store at 9284430749 or come by the store to register for your spaces for the month or singles during this month.

Oil & Acrylic Painting Class is a GO for the month. Single Sessions are open now. Please contact the Art Store at 9284430749 or come by the store to register for your spaces for the month or singles during this month. There has been an instructor change for this class, Keith Kendall will be taking over the painting class on thursdays.

Kid’s Camp has been cancelled for the summer due to a lack of instructors.

To view the present class and workshop schedule, please click here.

Drawing class event           

The Spring Sale is here!

This is a big sale for us. We need to clear out some of the discontinued from the sales floor items. 50% off  on these items is a great deal!

All in-stock Daniel Smith watercolor tubes, sticks and grounds are 25% off their MSRP!

Golden’s 2oz Heavy Body tubes, OPEN 20z tubes, 10z & 4oz High Flow paints & 10z & 40z fluid paints are now 25% off their MSRP!

Gamblin 37ml & 200ml tube professional oil paints are now at 25% off their MSRP!

ALL  GRAHAM PAINTS NOW HAVE A BUY 3 GET 1 PROMO**M Graham paint oil acrylic watercolor

All Fredrix pre-stretched canvases are 40% off their MSRP!

Fredrix canvas

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks are 50% off their MSRP! (Discontinued from the sales floor)

Richeson’s Casein are at 50% off their MSRP! (Discontinued from the sales floor)

Manufacturer’s Discontinued Open Stock Prismacolor Markers are 50% off! (Discontinued from the sales floor)

In-stock Lumiere 3D Paint is now 50% off their MSRP! (Discontinued from the sales floor)***

This sale ends at the end of the day, 24th of June, 2023.

** Graham “Buy 3 get 1” promo is determined in color by the manufacturer and not by the customer. For example, the free colors that was shipped to us for watercolor is prussian blue and napthol red. Oil and Acrylic are different ones. None are cobalt or cadmium colors and never have been since they started this program over 15 years ago.

***Holbein DuoAqua Oils are being discontinued from the sales floor to make room for the Daniel Smith Water-soluble Oils. These Holbein oils are of the finest quality but due to their recent price increases and being manufactured out of the US, we will no longer be offering from the sales floor. Daniel Smith W/S oils is also the only oils Daniel Smith offers since they discontinued their regular oil line in November of 2022.


Due to the sales floor changes, there has been some empty brush displays that have come open to be donated to a local artist’s studio. Feel free to come by the store to get a FREE brush display!

A DIY table easel was also donated to the store to be given to a local artist. Feel free to come by the store to inspect and see if it will meet your needs.

New on the sales floor:

Daniel Smith Watersoluble Oils are HERE! These oils are described as:

Developed for artists who love the creamy feel and rich appearance of classic oil paints but not the toxic solvents or tedious cleanup, Daniel Smith Water-Soluble Oils offer the most finely ground pigments of any water-soluble color line. Made by hand in Seattle, Washington, these vibrant paints are packed with the same premium pigments as Daniel Smith Original Oils, but use a special modified linseed oil binder that cleans up with ordinary water.

Daniel Smith Water-Soluble Oil Paints look identical to their traditional counterparts and offer excellent brushability, a beautiful surface sheen, and uniform drying times. Their color strength is outstanding, even when mixed with Titanium White. For thinning, use water or Daniel Smith Water-Soluble Linseed Oil (or another brand of modified linseed oil). Please note that when you use water, the resulting surface sheen will have a slightly more matte appearance.

Since Daniel Smith does not wish any cadmium paints in their production line, suitable hues are only available in this line for your mixing needs. Any water-soluble cadmium


GLOSS WATERBORNE VARNISH  has  returned  to  the  Art  Store!

Varnish provides a layer of protection that resists retention of dirt and dust. A true “varnish” can be removed to facilitate cleaning, and Waterborne Varnish is removable in addition to containing Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers [UVLS] to provide protection from exposure to sunlight.

Our Waterborne Varnish is for use on interior acrylic paintings and can be applied without the need for harsh solvents for thinning, cleanup or removal, or the ventilation and other precautions necessary when working with mineral spirit varnish.


Princeton Velevetouch long-handled brushes

  • For watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints
  • Blend of luxury synthetic filaments
  • Soft-touch wood handles
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrules

More than a brush, Princeton Velvetouch is next-generation technology!
Containing a blend of luxurious NextGen synthetic filaments, Princeton Velvetouch Synthetic Brushes are the ultimate mixed media tool for watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints. The Velvetouch line includes a full range of traditional shapes, plus specialty brushes such as long rounds with exceptionally sharp points, oval mops, script liners, and spotters for precise painting and maximum color control.

The NextGen synthetic filament in Velvetouch brushes is the result of seven years of research and development by Naohide Takamoto, a fifth-generation brushmaker and the grandson of the inventor of Taklon, the first artist-grade synthetic brush fiber. Takamoto continues to dedicate himself to the development of synthetics that outperform their natural hair equivalents.

Princeton Velvetouch Synthetic Brush has a soft-finish wood handle to complement the enhanced performance and experience of the Velvetouch filaments, resulting in a brush that feels as good in the hand as it does when applying paint to paper, canvas, and other surfaces.

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