Art Insider Extra – February Class Update

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For February, the Art Store is hosting many classes for your enjoyment.

The following classes are a go:

Thursday Morning Introductory Painting Class

This class is restarting on the 2nd of February on Thursdays. Neil Orlowski is your instructor on this day and he manages all his own students. See above link to contact him for this instruction. Still held at the Art Store!

Saturday’s Sculpture Class Sessions

These single sessions are available for the month of February. Due to the Drawing Class being cancelled for February, there has been requests for these sculpture class sessions with Keith Kendall to be more of a open studio time to come in to learn drawing, painting and sculpting techniques. This is possible as long as you communicate your needs before the session is to be held. To do so please email us at or call us at 928-443-0749. All payments are due on the day of the studio time on Saturday afternoons. If you wish to guarantee your space in this class, you should pay ahead of schedule.

Tuesday’s Morning & Afternoon Pastel classes

At this time the February pastel class has split and will be offered for single sessions during the morning and afternoon time slots. There is also room for students to attend the entire month of classes if you wish to. To attend single sessions you need to have already seen Don’s first day demo. All new students must attend the afternoon sessions to see the first day demo of every month.

Sunday’s Introductory Watercolor Class

At this time, this class is not proceeding until more students sign up. This Friday the 3rd of February is the last day to register.

Friday’s Experience Collage Class

At this time, this class is not proceeding until more students sign up. This Wednesday the 1st of February is the last day to register.

Due to low attendance, the February basic drawing class students have been moved to March’s Basic Drawing Class that wished to do so.

If you wish, you now have a month to sign up for your first steps of learning to draw or reviewing what you may have already taken years ago. Drawing is the basis of all art techniques so master this understanding of drawing and the rest will follow!

If you wish to register for the classes above, you need to only click on the name of the class or visit our scheduler online.

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