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May Classes and Workshops have been released. These are limited attendance and socially distanced studio and plein aire settings. To view these, just click on the class image below or on the large sliding image on our website to be taken to our scheduler. As all of us may be a little off on what day it is, hopefully you know its April and you need to be looking at the May schedule.

Class Updates:

Click on the image above to reserve your space

The Plein Air workshop has been moved to May and lowered in price and hours in the elements.

The oil/acrylic painting class on Thursdays is already a GO. With only 2 seats left. If this class maxes, we are taking signups for a Tuesday class in May as well. Please contact us to be up to date on the availability.

Drawing Class starts on Saturday morning if there are at least 4 signups, sign up by Thursday is needed.

Sculpture Class is a GO from week to week depending on the attendees. Each class the students are called before the class is to be held to confirm how many students are attending.

New on the sales floor:

Art Store Stretched Canvas* at 50% off! Canvas roll surfaces icon

*Due to the supply chain being interrupted, pre-stretched canvas had been running low. The Art Store decided to make sure all the “residential” artists are able to paint on something. So popular, we had to take orders in some sizes in multiples. Fredrix is estimating they have 60 days of materials available to make canvases from. That the rest of the manufacturers had been stretch on demand or Chinese made. These manufacturers will have a lot of concerns in filling orders since most wood stretchers was being manufactured in China or Mexico. Both of which are having difficulty with safe recovery of their factories. To combat this, the Art Store started stretching canvas. Need some specific sizes? Just call us.  So far………..over 280 canvases have been sold in April to professionals that are planning ahead. 

Richeson Professional Synth brushes

These brushes have returned to the store with a lot of appreciation. Professionals are ecstatic to have them back. 




24×24 Ampersand Floater Frames

Ampersand Floaterframes are designed for wood panels but also work with canvas. They offer an elegant option for displaying artwork, and are an easy all-in-one frame for the DIY artist. Made from quality hardwoods, these professional quality frames feature a wide base to eliminate damage to wood panel cradles and the correct profile height to protect artwork corners. Counter-sink holes allow hanging artwork to be flush with the wall. The frames are available in two styles: Thin Edge (1/4″ face) and Bold Edge (3/8″ face) in three finishes (Maple, Black and White). Thin Edge frames come in 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ deep profiles for both 7/8″ and 1-1/2″ deep artwork. The Bold Edge frames come in 1-7/8″ deep profiles for both 7/8″ and 1-1/2″ deep artwork.



Kolinsky Sign & Showcard Lettering Brush

The Kolinsky red sable used in the construction of these brushes is the highest grade of red sable hair from the Tobol and Ussuri river regions in Siberia. Expertly shaped, these brushes are unmatched for spring, resiliency, color- and water-carrying capacity and their ability to hold a sharp edge or point. They are excellent for precise, controlled brush strokes, detail work, illustration and restoration. To achieve clear and precise script and to paint pre-drawn script, the showcard brush with a clean straight edge is best. Each brush has a short polished handle with seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules that are rust-resistant and long lasting.

Bimoji Fude Brush Pens
This line of brush pens replicate the look and feel of traditional Japanese painting brushes, but with a modern twist. They feature plastic bodies, black rubber grips, black ink and a hanging loop on the end. They are available in four different felt brush tip types, as well as one medium size polyester bristle brush tip





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