Art Insider – BTS Edition – February Classes Update

Colored Pencils Class Event


This month of January, the students have been enjoying learning and honing their painting skills in pastels and acrylic/oil paints.

For February, the following is being offered:

Sunday Afternoon Acrylic Painting Class –Yes he is back for February!

Reminder THIS FIRST SESSION IS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY for the start. Set the DVRs and don’t let others change your New Year’s Resolutions of doing more art for 2016!

Intermediate* to Advancedadams-Texas-Ranger-lg

You can make amazing leaps and bounds in your acrylic painting in this class!

Hermon Adams will guide you through learning and enhancing your skills in this exciting medium. Internationally recognized and collected, Hermon is open and loves to share his knowledge of acrylic painting.

Join us on the first four Sundays’ classes from 1 PM to 4PM.

Cost is $100.00 per student for 4 sessions during each month or $30 per individual session if class is already underway.

To register, please contact us by phone at 928-443-0749 or register online by clicking the button below.

Ages 16+.

**Minimum: 4 students and Maximum: 7 students

Request our staff to add you to our courtesy contact list.  Please remember to register at least three days prior to the start of class!

Hermon Adams, instructor. Materials extra.

Mr. Adams artwork has been on display at the Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center in Texas, and is in the permanent collection of the Prescott Resort and Conference Center on the Yavapai  Indian Reservation in Arizona. To view just some of his work, visit his blogspot here.

The required supply list can be found here.

*Student must have drawing experience and basic knowledge of acrylic paints. It is strongly recommended to attend every class during the month. Some projects will take more than a month to complete.

**Additional supply list changes are as follows for February’s sessions:

**Painting surface: a primed cotton gallerywrap canvas, , medium texture, for February’s class the requested size is 20×24. A regular stretcher bar canvas is possible to use but will be more expensive to frame it.

Other Painting Supplies:

A jar (80z or larger) of white gesso. Professional grade.

At the time of this posting, 3 students have already signed up for this class for February. You could make the class GO!

Why should you sign up for an acrylic class with Hermon Adams? Mr. Adams is sharing his knowledge of painting in acrylics (his media of choice now) on how to use several acrylic techniques like you are painting in oils (his original media choice). Feel free to lookup Hermon Adams’ paintings to view his skill level. He has a lot to share. – Keith K.

Friday’s Oil & Acrylic Painting Class

Beginners to Advanced

In this class you can learn the basics and more while painting with oil and acrylic.

Neil Orlowski is a passionate painter and instructor with long-time students that love what they have learned. Neil enjoys sharing his knowledge of the skills he has honed while working as a an illustrator for Hallmark Cards. Understanding the multiple techniques of oil painting is much easier to understand by Neil’s instruction. Just some of the knowlege to be taught on a one on one basis are:Oil_painting_palette

  • painting equipment usage and maintenance
  • painting materials and their usage
  • proper compositions
  • lighting effects
  • glazing
  • color palettes and mixing
  • alla prima (wet on wet) techniques
  • varnishing

Join Neil on the month’s Fridays’ classes from 10AM – 1 PM. An extended schedule can be received by contacting this instructor as shown below.

Cost is $150.00 per student for 6 sessions.

To register, please contact Mr. Orlowski directly at the number below*.  Request Neil to add you to his call list by leaving your contact info with his answering service.

Ages 16+.

Please remember to register at least three days prior to the start of class!

Neil Orlowski, instructor. Mr. Orlowski has offered to rent the Art Store’s studio and manage all payments for his instruction himself. All transactions must be discussed with Mr. Orlowski at 928-642-8018 to reserve your space in this class.

Materials extra. Supply List is available by visiting our supply list page on our website.

This class is a go_logo_dark_320

Tuesday’s Pastel Class Pastel icon

Beginners to Advanced.

You can make amazing leaps and bounds in your pastel work in this class!

Don Rantz will guide you through learning and enhancing your skills in the enchanting medium of pastels. Internationally recognized as one of the best pastel artists, Don is open and eloquent in his instruction.

Join us on the first four Tuesdays’ classes from 2pm –5 PM.

The instructor is requiring all new students to attend the afternoon class to view his first day demo. If the morning class makes (at this time it is not being offered, it is offered only after 5 signups are in the afternoon class) all students will be contacted to confirm their attendance to either the morning or afternoon class in February.

Cost is $100.00 per student for 4 sessions during each month or $30 per individual session if class is already underway.

To register, please contact us by phone at 928-443-0749 or register online by clicking the button below.

Ages 16+.

**Minimum: 4 students and Maximum: 7 students

Request our staff to add you to our courtesy contact list.  Please remember to register at least three days prior to the start of class!

Don Rantz, instructor. Materials extra.

Mr. Rantz’s artwork can be found at Arts Prescott Gallery on Whiskey Row. Don’s entire portfolio can be found online at

The supply list can be found here.

January’s Classes maxed even after split into two classes, you may want to plan ahead. At this time, only the afternoon class is being offered until there are 5 signups for the afternoon class is received.  

For February, this class is a go_logo_dark_320

Saturday’s Sculpture Class

Beginners to Intermediatesculpture_002 looking left

K&K Studios and the Art Store offers a course on the Principles of Sculpture & Mold making. Enjoy building a bust of your loved one! Or creating a voluptuous form in plasteline clay with the correct supports.  From designing in the round, to the proper equipment and tool techniques to mold making, your imagination is your only restriction.

Sculpture: This is a water-based clay and an oil-based clay class. Firing of your projects built in class is included in the class fee. Size and quantity of projects are limited by the present equipment. Please ask about these restrictions.

The sculpture studio offers (3) throwing wheels, a slab roller and a clay extruder for your project needs. The kiln in the store also fires from low to high fire (cone 06 to cone 10).

K & K Studio’s sculpture class is held at 1pm-4pm is usually running on the first four Saturdays.

Open enrollment, all skill levels accepted. A maximum of 8 students is allowed in the studio space so one on one instruction has greater possibilities for the honing of your skills.

All materials are extra. Supply list for drawing can be found here. Supply list for sculpture can be found here.

Not offered in January, interest is growing for February. 

For February, this class is a go_logo_dark_320

 February’s Saturdays: Basic Drawing

Beginners to Intermediate2015-02-27 13.44.05_resized

If you are just getting started or are in need of a review of what you may have already learned, this class is for you.  Success in other art techniques are often dependent on how well you have learned to draw. Exploring the assorted techniques of charcoal and graphite are used in this class.

Cost: During the month of November, the cost will be $80.00 for the first four Saturdays or $25 per individual session if class is already underway.

12 years and older.

**Mininum of 4 & a maximum of 10

To register, Call (928)443-0749 or register for this class online!

The required supply list can be found here.

At this time the class has met its minimums and has space for more students. 

This class is a go_logo_dark_320

3, 2, 1……Art Nerdgasm!

scifi frame

Getting ready to blast off into the new year! Check out the rocket ship print we framed for Christmas… the mat is hand embellished with details that reflect the art. Very deco/steampunk, and we love it!

Designed and Produced by The Frame & I, Prescott, AZ


Our new promotion has been released!


Available coupons are available by following the details on our promotions page. Click on the flyer above for a shortcut to our webpage.

Where do you see art in your world?

colored pencil jewelry

Jewelry Made From Coloured Pencils By Czech Artist Anna Čurlejová — with Sk Khairul, Debadatta Rout, Saif Khan and 30 others.

Ground Control to Major Tom……ziggy

“am I floating round my tin can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do.”

Styles vary from artist to artist, some vary within each artist, David Bowie was one that had such variety – RIP and enjoy the view. To see his other many personas, just click the image above. It will take you to an illustrated animated gif spanning his entire music career.

NEW Creative Haven Coloring Books now on the Sales Floor

flower fashion
Therapeutic and Inspiring!

APRIL 2009
Oil and Solvent: The Proper Balance
Through the Gamblin website and technical literature, the differences between our Gamsol OMS and generic odorless mineral spirits have received their due attention. This newsletter therefore travels a different road, focusing on the role that both oil and solvents play in painting mediums and in creating the sound structure of an oil painting.

Artists have, and always will, push the limitations of their materials. For some, the consistency of oil colors out of the tube is conducive to thicker applications of paint or alla prima painting. However, for a number of other painters, oil colors out of the tube must be mixed with painting mediums to achieve the unique surfaces and optical effects desired by the artist. Oil colors are made more fluid to allow the painter to develop preliminary compositional sketches, lively brushwork, and transparent glazes. Oil colors, when extended in gel mediums, can develop thicker glaze layers and transparent impasto. The balance of materials used to formulate these mediums should be considered to meet the artists’ visual needs and to ensure the integrity of the resulting paint films.

Since the 19th century and the invention of the three roll mill, oil colors have been made into stiff pastes. Using these luscious pastes led to the dominance of direct painting in the 20th century. Painting mediums are used only to increase fluidity of oil colors when using this technique. Traditionally, painting mediums were made by mixing a pure drying oil or thickened, “polymerized” oil (linseed and Stand oil, respectively); turpentine; and a hard resin such as dammar. Turpentine was used for hundreds of years because it was commonly available. Pure 100% odorless mineral spirits (OMS), an innovation of the late 20th century, replaced turpentine in many painting medium formulations and subsequently lowered the toxicity in painters’ studios considerably. Alkyd-based mediums have widely replaced painting mediums based on dammar varnish, as alkyd-based mediums dry to greater flexibility and speed drying time of oil colors. Alkyd has a greater affinity for oil colors than dammar or other natural resins because it is produced from oil, not from an exotic tree. Alkyd is actually the third generation of polymerized oil used by artists. (In the 18th century, artists used sun-thickened oil. In the 19th century, stand oil. In the 20th century, alkyd.)

Whether artists are using painting mediums based on traditional formulas or contemporary alkyd-based mediums, the balance of oil and solvent must be maintained to give painters greater freedom to explore a wide array of painting techniques while developing permanent painting structures.

When considering the “fat content” of painting mediums, think of these materials on a spectrum from “lean” to “fat”:

There are dangers in adding too much of any one material that lives at either end of this spectrum.

Extending oil colors just with solvent can lead to failure of the paint film. By using large amounts of only solvent to thin your paint, you risk breaking the oil binder of your colors. When you break the binder, the oil molecules cannot cross-link and connect together to form a paint layer. This is commonly described as the paint film being too “lean.” Instead of making an oil painting, your painting is more like a pastel painting. An oil painting gets its strength from the binder that cross-links each layer or “film.” To dry into a tough, flexible film, the oil must form a continuous surface. Decades and even centuries later, every molecule of oil will still be connected to every other, holding the layer to the canvas and firmly locking the pigment particles in the paint film.

Adding more than a small amount of pure oil (100% fat) can increase the tendency of oil paint films to wrinkle. As the linseed oil binder of paint films take in oxygen to dry, they increase in mass. Large increases in mass are visually indicated by pronounced wrinkling of the paint film. Too much oil makes the paint film too “fat.”

A painting medium should exist in the middle of this spectrum, creating the proper balance of oil and solvent (50% Fat). A simple mixture of one part linseed or Stand oil and one part Gamsol OMS maintains this balance and creates a general-purpose, slow-drying painting medium. Gamblin’s alkyd-based Galkyd painting mediums, straight from the bottle, equal 50% fat, as they maintaining the ideal oil/solvent balance. The Gamblin Galkyds give painters fast-drying painting mediums in varying viscosities. These mediums are still fatter than oil colors out of the tube. For information on incorporating these mediums into a painting structure, please refer to our Fat Over Lean Guide (download PDF).

Creating that perfect balance of oil and solvent, Galkyd painting mediums give painters greater freedom in expanding the working properties of their oil colors, resulting in a wide array of optical effects.



Scott Gellatly
Product Manager
Gamblin Artists Colors Co.

Calligrapher Wanted

Dave Long is looking for a calligraphy artist to assist with his vision.  Feel free to contact him at 928-237-5741. The Art Store does not have any other details at this time about this project.

Click on the image above for more information on MLK’s Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Art Store is always taking applications for minions and class instructors


Apply by visiting our website at for being part of our instruction team.

Apply to be a minion at the Art Store by visiting our website at

Submit an application and we will be in touch as the need is found.

Time to Blow our Horn!


milagro logo


On Wednesday the 20th of January, the Milagro Art Center is receiving two prints that were framed and donated  by the Frame & I from the Kristen Densmore Studio as a donation to the new art center.

Our donation of art supplies to CCJ was well received and our donation was thanked by this organization:

“CCJ was able to help a lot of low-income families this Christmas because of people like you in our caring community.

A total of 1,290 children and 300 adults were served. Adults were given gift bags with socks, knit caps, ​​Christmas treats and lots of wonderful toiletry items. Children received toys, books, clothing and a stocking filled with treats.

This is what can happen when caring people work together. Thank you and Happy New Year!” – Diane Iverson


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