April’s Art Store Classes have been released!

To all our Art Store customers,

April is upon us. Many of us going stir crazy due to the present situation. For April so far, the following classes are being offered:

Click on the image above to reserve your space

Thursday’s afternoon oil, water-soluble oil and acrylic painting class has already made its minimum of 4 students. Maximum students for this class is 6 due to the present CDC regulations. If you wish to join this class, I recommend calling us to register.

Friday’s afternoon class for colored pencil is now an introductory pastel class for registration.

Saturday’s morning class on introductory drawing is now available for registration.

Saturday’s afternoon sculpture class is now available for registration.

Monday and Tuesday’s Watercolor workshop is a go and does have space available if you wish to attend. See scheduler for details. To access this scheduler, please click on the image to the left.

At the end of April a plein-aire workshop will be held through the Art Store. Stay tuned for this announcement.

All these classes have been changed in maximum students allowed due to the present CDC regulations. As well as other precautions have been made. 

Our open hours have not changed and will continue to be offered unless the store is deemed as non-essential by the state of Arizona. Most states have voted that any art therapy/art material supply retailer is essential for the community as to offer art therapy options as our community is staying isolated in their homes. This to continue to use art therapy in helping with any depression and anxiety.

The Art Store has already shipped many packages to different states as well as can deliver to your local home or you can request curb pick-up. Please call if you need any assistance in doing so.

If you are interested in a future class or workshop, you can also purchase gift certificates towards any purchases through the store and its offerings.

Support local businesses through this stressful times!

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