And the December Art Store Ornament contest winner is…

The December Art Store Ornament contest winner is… Anne legge, for her Ornament “Raven” using Wood stain and Vinyl!

Congratulations, Anne! And a big thank you to all who entered this month’s Ornament contest.


Anne Legge


Medium: Mixed media


Runners up!


Julia Alver


Medium: Mixed media


Fran Federico


Medium: Fiber clay


We will not be having a contest this January but we will be starting back up on February 1st! We are looking forward to February’s upcoming contest! Congratulations again to Anne and all of our December contest entrants. Stay on our mailing list to hear the announcement for Februarys’ contest.

What do you get when you enter?

Your art gets displayed at the Art Store with other contestants until the winner is chosen!

Winner gets their art proudly displayed for a full month, and receives an Art Store Goody Bag filled with creative merchandise!

Fresh new contests every month!

Maximum size of entries is 11×14 inches including frame and must be ready to hang on galley hanger.

Questions about our contest? Call us at 928-443-0749, or email at .

What are you going to make for next months’ contest? We can’t wait to see it and show it off! Good luck in February everybody!

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