The 2-Day Robert Knudson Painting Workshop is a GO!

Robert Knudson ClassWe have received enough attendees to this workshop to allow it to proceed. We do have some seats available at this time for any late attendees. Since this workshop is a go, any later registrations will be accepted at 9am as we open.

The workshop starts at 9:30AM, today. Any other details can be viewed here. Supply list can found here.

I recently posted about the many interweaving aspects of Robert Knudson’s teachings to the local art community. Even how many of his protege’ have started and continued their own art careers locally. Some have gone on to more notoriety. Some local professionals took his self expression to heart and allowed their souls to be encouraged to show themselves at their best for us to view. Competition is always better to any person in my opinion. It can show the best of one’s character. Knowing your own limits and how you may keep painting at a high level.

Mountain Stream by Robert Knudson

Many of his students, apprentices and colleagues have also found beauty in this world where they have might have been glossing over these instances that make 4496866life living. Robert has seen this beauty for many, many years. The more you see the world how Mr. Knudson sees it, the more you are reminded what is important to yourself.


If you can attend this workshop, Bob is offering a more personal one on one experience. He is also giving one of his originals to a lucky attendee.  Chances will be high that you may win a moment of beauty. – Keith K.

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