Ottinger’s Fall 2022 Drawing 1 Kit


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This kit includes:

(1) Nero x-soft pencil
(1) X-acto #1 Knife with Safety Cap
(1) Sandpaper Pointer
(1) Ballbearing Compass
(1) Charcoal Pencil White
(1) XL Drawing 60 Sheet 11X14
(1) Scholar Ebony Pencil
(1) Metal Wedge Pencil Sharpener
(1) Koh-i-Noor Toison Graphite Pencil
(1) Artist Hard Pastel Burnt Deep Black Soft
(1) Nero Stick Thin
(1) 18X18 Sketch/Clipboard Masonite with Clips
(1) Conte Crayon White B
(1) Tortillions Large 3/8 6 Pack
(1) Mesh Bag

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