Art Store Digital Transfer Kit


This kit includes the following:

One Plexiglass sheet, 9×12

One Cut Edge Canvas Panel, 9×12

One ExtraVorganza Silk Sheet

One Daas Classic Transfer Sheet

One Sheet of duralar, approx 12×10

One small container of Purell Hand Sanitizer

One Pre-made acrylic skin for application of digital ground

Studio Printer’s Ink Fee




This kit is required for the Digital workshop known as “Where the computer meets the Paint”. It will allow the student to experience first-hand the following techniques:

  • Dass Purell Transfer
  • ExtraVorganza Silk Application
  • Direct Transfer methods 
    Products will be available upon the day of the workshop. This kit is for Art Store in-studio use only, it will not be shipped.

    The proper tax will be added to this product’s cost by the location of where you are purchasing from.


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