The Annual Mars Black Weekend is nearly here!

The Art Store’s annual in-stock store-wide* sale is starting this Friday the 27th of November . The entire sales floor is 25% off the MSRP for this weekend only. Not just one item but your entire purchase is at least 25% off the MSRP! This also includes any clearance item that is already on sale at up to 50% off!

This includes the “Shop Small” offer from American Express. If you do not know of this offer, click the image above.

We know our store is small so we do not have just one day for this sale. The sale continues on to Sunday the 29th of November.  Please remember to qualify for American Express’ Shop Small offers, you must purchase in-store on Saturday the 28th of November. Friday and Sunday are the days that are the best for smaller crowds.

*Labor items such as cutting, stretching and classes are not applicable. No special orders apply either.



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