Milagro Art Center Closes Until Further Notice

A Local Art Center released the following recently:


Dear Milagro Members and Supporters,

 We have some unfortunate news to share with everyone. With the exception of current classes, we will be closed for business until further notice. This will go into effect on October 4, 2016.

 This has been a long and difficult decision for the board and staff of Milagro. We have celebrated many incredible successes over the past couple of years and feel so much gratitude for each one of our supporters. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the funds to move forward and are suspending all programs.

 We feel very sad and disappointed by the need for closing. Thank you so much for your kindness and support over the past couple years.


 The Staff and Board of Milagro Arts Center


If we hear about any further news of the center’s present and future , we will keep you informed. As part of the community, we are saddened by this happening. We hope the best for any future local art community improvements and services.

Please also remember that we also offer ceramic/sculpture classes on Saturdays as well as firing of ceramics for the community. The cost and services of the Art Store can be reviewed at As Christmas approaches you may want to use us to fire your gifts to others. We fire our kiln to cone 05 & 6 depending on our schedule unless you are willing to pay for a full kiln load.

Our class and workshop schedule for October can be viewed at We will be finalizing the November & December schedule in a couple days.

Keith Kendall
Owner & Manager
The Art Store

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