Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Art Store!

From all of us at The Art Store, we’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Our Christmas wish for you is a new year full of joy, creativity and expressive energy. May nothing inhibit your artistic adventure.  Oh, and that someone buys you art supplies for Christmas!

Or at least a gift certificate to the Art Store!

Who needs an elf on the shelf when you can have a real working mannequin? Our wooden and resin art mannequins are far superior to the Elf on the Shelf! They won’t snitch on you! And they exist only to inspire and entertain you. How cool is that?

Journals are great gifts!

Journal in the new year!  Why not start a journal for 2019 and express your year creatively? Journaling is healthy and creative, a great way to document your new creative ideas and to record your year.  Our Strathmore Journals are perfect for your journal journey…

Here are 26 reasons why keeping a journal is good! from author Peggy Nolan.

  • It brings me clarity
  • I can weigh the pros and cons without hearing anyone else give their two-cent opinion
  • It helps me focus
  • For accountability
  • It’s a safe place for all my innermost desires
  • I can yell in my journal and no one will hear me raise my voice
  • It increases my self-awareness
  • It reduces stress
  • It quiets my monkey mind
  • I can track my own progress
  • It becomes great source material for articles, programs, eClasses, etc.
  • It’s a convenient storage location for thoughts, quotes and inspirational messages
  • For to-do lists
  • For done lists (I LOVE my done lists!)
  • For achievements
  • A place to work through my struggles
  • A place to freely complain and then release
  • A safe place to face my fears and deal with them head-on
  • Questions for the universe when I don’t have any answers
  • It’s my own self-learning guide
  • It gives me peace of mind
  • It’s a dream catcher
  • It’s a vision illuminator
  • For answers from the universe when I’m quiet enough to hear my “inner knower”
  • It’s an idea incubator
  • It’s a judgment-free zone

Our Vision journals have customizable covers!  These journals can be truly your own creation from the outside in. Express yourself with one of these luscious journals – various papers and sizes available.

Make a Set Sale – get 15% off your own custom art set in Santa’s Workshop at The Art Store!

Buy any 3 items inside the workshop and get 15% off those items! There is no limit to how many items you can buy as long as its over 3, you will still get 15% off!

Inside Santa’s Workshop resides many artistic and exciting items! These items range from all different types of media and ability. We have both professional and beginner quality supplies. All items are great giftable ideas for the season 🙂 With the Make a Set Sale you are able to try out more than one medium or most importantly take care of three Christmas presents in just one trip! This sale includes all studio furniture but excludes the clearance cart!

So come and look at the pretty lights and our winter wonderland snowflakes 🙂

Only need one item? Want to splurge but need incentive? Make it special and save some buck$! Our coupon will help you save on supplies for gifting or for yourself!


Colored pencil sets are great for any artist – and non artists too! Check out these beauties…


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