Introductory Watercolor Supply List with Julia Kartman

Required Material List:

  • One sheet of Arches Paper, 140 # cold press, 22 x 30, natural white
  • Board to attach paper (gatorboard or sealed wood board)
  • Non-patterned tape to attach the paper to the board (1″ or wider artist tape recommended)
  • 12 or 18-inch ruler
  • Your favorite watercolor brushes, preferably 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch & a range of rounds from small to large (2 to 12)
  • 2 to 3 rags (may be old sheets, shirts or towels)
  • graphite pencil:  4H recommended
  • Kneaded and/or white eraser (extra soft rubber eraser recommended)
  • Sketchbook for notes (9X12 in recommended)
  • 2 flat bottom water containers
  • A watercolor palette with at least 20 compartments


Professional Grade Watercolors: (Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton and M Graham Recommended Colors):

  • Lemon Yellow (PY175, DS only)
  • Naples Yellow (varied pigments, Graham or DS)
  • Gamboge (varied pigments, Graham or DS)
  • Light Red (WN only) or Burgundy Red Ochre (DS only, PR102)
  • Alizarin Crimson Permanent (varied pigments, Graham or Daniel Smith)
  • Cadmium Red (PR108, Graham only)
  • Sap Green (varied pigments, Graham or DS)
  • Olive Green (varied pigments, Graham or DS)
  • Ultramarine Blue (PB29, Graham or DS)
  • Cobalt Blue (PB28, Graham or DS)
  • Cerulean Blue (PB35, Graham or DS)
  • Pthalo Turquoise (PB15:3, Graham or DS)
  • Indigo (PB60, Pbk6, DS only)
  • Burnt Sienna or Quinacridone Burnt Orange/Quinacrodone Rust), (PBr7 or PO48, Graham or DS)
  • Buff Titanium. (PW6, DS only)
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