Art Insider – Our Clearance Sale Begins

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Our Annual Clearance Sale Begins!

We must drive down our inventory due to the hyperinflation from 2022. Its our loss and your gain!  This annual sale has always been known as the Stick to the Man  Sale.  

From the 26th of December to the 31st of December, 2022, the savings start at 20% off your entire purchase off the sales floor with a credit card purchase. Bring in the cash and it goes to 25% off your purchase. Sorry, Promotional prices will not stack such as the 30 to 50% off items in the store already. Yes………there are 50% off items!

Its a great time to use your gift certificate and all 25% off coupons will be honored on a single item purchase.

Stay tuned, during this sale, we will be releasing more sale promotions.





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